Fuck You, Cuntry Road Fat Pants.

Oh man, Santa was good to me at Christmas time. He gave me 5 extra kilos of chub that I simply cannot get rid of. Yes, it was me that gorged on the mince pies, the pavlova, the 5 kilos …

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  1. Cilla says:

    Ummm hellooo size 10…
    but I’ve given up on glorified Tracky daks like these. As a size 14 I need structure

  2. Georgie says:

    You are not fat, and do not look fat in these pants – I feel like it’s a bit far fetched to say so when lots of people would be bigger than you and maybe feel quite good about their body size. It’s not helping people’s fucked up body image issues and its calling any woman who is bigger than you fat and disgusting. I know you wouldn’t have meant that but it’s danger territory for shattering women’s body confidence everywhere.

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