Fuck You, Cheating Bastards.

If I have to hear about one more of my friends having their lives turned upside down by a cheating man I will scream. It’s just so fucking predictable I want to cry.

One epic douche with a head that looks remarkably like the end of a penis, lied about winning a work trip and took his “girlfriend” away to Europe. Nice. Another spent a year dry humping a work mate with his micro penis while my friend was pregnant with baby # 3.  He denies actual penetration and one must believe him because MICRO PENIS. Classy. Now I’ve been informed by another friend that the father of her two little ones has been banging a married (also with kids) work colleague and not even trying all that hard to hide it. Charming.

This is all so bloody textbook. “Work function”, “Work trip”, “Meetings after work”. Oh my fucking god can we not just be grown ups here?

Here are a few choice words for the men who through their own selfishness decided to shatter the hopes and dreams of their families just for a root.

Women are tough, you are weak. If you are honest with yourself you know the hard yards were done by her, not you.  Lying is the cowards way out.

Women are smart, you are foolish. You might think you are all that with your lies and deceit, but the truth always comes out. ALWAYS. Enjoy having nobody trust you for the rest of your life.

Women are resilient, you are paper thin. She will always stand tall and you will bend and break.

Women deserve a man, not a boy.  And boy, she will make it known when she finds the man you should have been.

Lastly, if I see you in person I will kick you so hard in the balls you will taste them.

Til then.




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