Fuck You, Internet Trolls.

This Fuck You Friday Blog started about 3 weeks ago when I gave the middle finger to the North Shore Mums Facebook group. It went viral ( 173,000 hits and counting) and I was thrust into the spotlight. The Facebook page went from 200 members collected over the first few days to now more than 6500 in less than a month.


Although it was never an intention to write a blog, I am glad I did it as it’s been super fun and I’ve discovered there are loads of people out there that get annoyed by trivial shit and appreciate my sense of humour.

Going viral on the internet for a couple of days was pretty entertaining. I got a lot of love from the readers and really enjoyed the comments people took the time to write. People are funny. Way funnier than me and I read every single comment.

But there are some comments that just have me on the ground they are so fucking funny. There are idiots out there who take the time to log in to a blog and post a useless comment telling me that I am shit, I can’t spell, my grammar isn’t up to scratch and that I am a whinging numpty. They are called Trolls. Or stupid people.

My personal favourite is this one below from an awesome individual named Frank.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.32.14 pm.png

He’s got to log in to the blog to make that comment. So there’s is a bit of effort behind it. Hilarious.

Then there are the guys who just don’t get it. Fuck You Telstra had people up in arms!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.33.35 pm.png

This guy just failed to understand the story and my predicament. And he definitely failed to understand this woeful night did not ruin my life. When you’ve come as far as visiting a site called Fuck You Friday you’ve surely got to understand the whole fucking point of it is to complain about nothing much at all. I hope I bump into him the next time Telstra goes down so I can use his phone.

The abuse continued with Ric laying into me for using a pseudonym and comparing me to Pauline Hanson.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.36.04 pm.png

If wat Ric sez is tru then I shld feel rlly bad 4 my futr. Lolz

He or she is on a blog about whinging. Whinging about a whinge. Can’t make this shit up.

Haters gonna hate. It’s a fact. But it’s actually rather difficult to come up with something entertaining on demand every week. I’m not a writer, this is not a job for me. It’s an accidental outlet that’s taking on a little life of its own. But I am up for the challenge.

I’ll continue to download my brain once a week for the “mindless masses” AKA awesome readers with a spectacular sense of humour and just keep kicking the trolls to the curb.

They can sit there behind their screens choosing what flavour of two minute noodles to have for dinner with diced spam and lettuce and consult their cuntasaurus for the next witty diatribe.

And I will be waiting for them. With a big hug. Because being a dick can hurt sometimes.

The End.

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  1. Too true. Haters gonna hate. I feel sorry for them….it must be a really tough life when your sense of humour can’t even stand to be around you.
    Keep it up Far Kew. I enjoy reading Fuck You Friday, it makes a refreshing change from all the shite that Facebook has to offer.
    King regards,
    Far Koff

  2. Please do keep sharing because your posts certainly brighten my week and give me a good old belly laugh. You are too clever and sometimes seem to be scarily inside my head saying exactly done of things I gave thought!!
    cuntasaurus!!! Classic!!

  3. Because i know you personally i want to smash the haters in the face but then i think it’s really fucking entertaining & love your responses too hon i really think they have noo idea who they are messing with so i feel sorry for them as well lol!

  4. Fucking hilarious, FK! I’m new the world of blogging and have yet to come across any trolls. You’ve given me the courage to deal with them in the manner which they deserve when I do. Love your work!

  5. I wonder who would come out victorious between a troll and a drop bear? Full on fight to the bottom of the dung heap.
    Keep up the words – you make my life brighter!

  6. You’ve inspired me to get my crankies out in a creative way, but while the inspiration is there I’m too fucking lazy to write that shit down and get it out there. So, thanks for doing it for the masses of cbf’d people like my self.
    I particularly enjoy making comments on your blog and typing ‘fuck’. How refreshing is a swear either spoken or written?
    I’ll be happy to throw fuel on your fire anytime for you to get your words down and our giggles up.

    Cheers and have a very frustrating week x

  7. Keep whinging, I’m loving it, you’re the fucking best. It’s like we are living the same life, I love reading shit I’ve experienced myself fuck it, keep that shit up … Cheers

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