Fuck You Instagram


Instagram. When I first heard of it I was unconvinced. I really didn’t think it would become as huge as it has over the past 5 years. But it is now huge. Mega fucking  facebook-buys-it-for-one-billion-dollars huge.

For a little while …

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  1. Lilybella says:

    I used intstagram to great effect when fundraising for Frocktober but slacked off since. Now I have read this I feel inspired again. Look forward to photos of a dirty dustpan complete with broken wine glass; pantry moths in the cornflakes; play doh ground into the carpet. 🙂 #cantwait #whynopunctuationhashtags #lovemel #lolz

    1. kiwipinky says:

      Who who have known
      Not even 7⭕️ Of separation

  2. Anna Brophy says:

    Totally on board with #fuckyoufriday
    but…I admit…I do love me some Insta…

  3. Kirsty says:

    I am weeping with laughter here! Love it!

  4. Zane says:


    Is it not possible to launch a wordl-wide class action law suit against Facebook and it’s seriously annoying ad onslaught against private individuals? I have no account on Instagram, but they are blatantly invading my privacy and I cannot block their ads! Is this shit really legal?!

    1. Far Kew says:

      Good question and one I have pondered myself!!

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