Fuck You, Game of Thrones.


I’ve been hooked since the first episode of this unbelievably magnificent TV show. I have loyally stood by while all my favourite characters got slaughtered and the fate of the ones left seems cruelly predictable. But I keep watching.

A …

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  1. I am the ONLY person in the entire world that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones and you are the ONLY person that has managed to make me want to start watching it … hilarious!

    1. Far Kew says:

      Get on it girl! Best show on telly.

  2. eponetara says:

    I must be the only chick in Australia that doesn’t find Jon Snow hot. He’s too pretty for my liking. I’m still mourning Ned Stark. Wouldn’t have minded getting an eyeful of his Valarian steel!

    1. Far Kew says:

      I would have chomped on Sean’s bean as well….

  3. ausbelle says:

    Nailed it!
    (pun intended)

    1. Far Kew says:

      They cannot leave me high and dry (pun intended) this Monday or else I’ll go berserk.

  4. PeJu's Mum says:

    Black Jack Randall flops his out in season 1 of Outlander.

  5. elenaz says:

    Rob Stark was also very sexy!

    1. Far Kew says:

      I would totally have given him a Game of Bones

  6. Count Me In says:

    Yes to all but need to add Pedro Pascal who played Oberyn Martell onto that list.

    1. Far Kew says:

      Agree. I need to do part two.

  7. Nat says:

    Having seen the lad who plays The Mountain (Thor) in his lycra proving hes stronger than a viking you can add him to the Wide On list…yummo

  8. Delia says:

    No no no, no. How can there be no mention of Daario Naharis, Daenaerys ‘ toy boy? Come on Far Kew!

    Love your work.

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