Fuck You, Fat Shamers.

When I was little my Mum always used to tell me that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Sorry Mum, but that’s a flaming pile of horse shit. I hear things like ‘eat another burger you fat cunt’ quite regularly.

Being an unapologetic plus sized woman with multicoloured hair and a fierce love of wearing crop tops (and a love of taking selfies) makes me a target for fat shaming and bullying on instagram. And It’s not just online, this shit leaks into everyday life. Much like a shart, it’s unexpected, rude and incredibly unpleasant.

When I was pregnant I had a glucose tolerance test to make sure I didn’t have gestational diabetes which I passed with flying colours. However, the doctors were determined that because I am plus sized I must have complications. In fact I overheard one nurse say ‘she cannot be that big and not have diabetes’. I went home and cried my eyes out.

They tested me four times and tried to get me to do it a 5th time before I cracked it and said I’d rather eat a big bag of hairy dicks than do that damned test again. They assumed that because I’m a size 20 I was eating every donut, burger and cheese stuffed pizza known to man. Flip to the other side of the coin and a lady I knew had gestational diabetes but It wasn’t picked up until quite late in her pregnancy. Why? Because she is naturally slim with an athletic build, it was assumed that her eating was perfectly ‘clean’. It’s fucked.

Assumptions are dangerous and they don’t stop.

I went into a store at my local shopping centre to buy a gift (I’m looking at you General Pants Co, Erina) and was sneered at by a sales assistant who rudely informed me that they don’t sell clothes that are my size and that I might want to shop at a size appropriate store. Bitch, are you for real?

Those are just a couple of examples from a completely average, non-famous person. Imagine if you were a celebrity. Poor Lady Gaga copped it after her epic Super Bowl performance for having ‘belly rolls’. When did it become important for the media to weigh in and encourage others to weigh in and comment on someones weight, eating or exercise habits? And what’s worse is there were so many assumptions made about her health and comments about her previous eating disorders. Unless you’re her personal medical practitioner with a working knowledge of her health then shut the fuck up about it.

Kate Winslet was called ‘Blubber’ as a cruel nick name for years. Know why? She didn’t have that ideal Hollywood body thats pushed so hard. Kirsty Alley, Whoopi Goldberg, Jessica Simpson, Amy Schumer, and Pink, just to name a few, are all incredibly talented women that have been fat shamed. Are you fucking kidding me? Apparently it’s more important to be thin than it is to be talented.

It’s not just celebs who are copping it. US lingerie company, Livi Rae, was asked to remove ads that featured plus sized and disabled women. Why? They were deemed inappropriate. I’m calling bullshit on that. What it features is a diverse range of women and that seems to be something that the world is afraid of – diversity. It’s almost that If you don’t fit into the blonde, white, tall and slim stereotype then you don’t deserve to be recognised. Everyone has a right to feel beautiful, regardless of shape, size, gender or colour. And for fucks sake it’s advertising for bras and undies, something that the majority of women wear.

We need more inclusivity and self love (yes, both kinds of ‘self love’, wink wink). Another thing, “fat” is not a swear word. It’s an adjective not an insult so lets stop treating it like one. Don’t pretend to be nice to fat people either, we don’t need your pity. Saying ‘you have such a beautiful face’ or “ you look great now you’ve lost weight’ isn’t a compliment. It’s saying you’re ugly until you’re skinny.

This body of mine has climbed mountains, it’s drank wine, danced, created a human, eaten pizza, had mind blowing sex. It can run kilometres at a time, It brings all the shopping in in one load and it’s unstoppable. Yes, it’s covered in stretch marks, cellulite, bruises and gets hair in weird places but it’s mine and it’s saying a big FUCK YOU to all the fat shamers out there.


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