I am Far Kew, an Aussie mum of two who finds everyday things really fucking irritating. Like the popularity of kale, unexpected items in the bagging area and humble braggers.

I’m kind of a big deal, not very humble and write a weekly rant that will bring tears to your eyes. Nobody is safe from my wrath.

The End.


  1. HOLY SHIT i couldnt like ur post on those stupid north shore mums anymore. Its everything ive been thinking and more. Ive been blocked for about 2 years now after i posted a comment and it was deleted and i questioned it. The shittest people ever. Thanks for making my Thursday. Steph

  2. honestly the funniest things I have read in a long while. Dont stop. I almost spat my lunch out laughing (fuck you lunch). talk about someone voicing the general annoyance of stupid processes and people. LOVE IT

  3. I love your style of writing! It’s fucking hilarious… Would you be interested in doing some writing for my business?

  4. The wonderful Michelle @pinkypoinker poinked you out on Twitter. I’m too chicken to use swear words with my followers, but I sure as hell gave your wonderful writing a big gee-up to my inner circle on Facebook. A lesser gesture, certainly, but I hope it gives you a bit of traction anyway. My wife and I were killing ourselves laughing over your posts last night. Can’t recall the last time I had such a cack. Kind regards and all power to you! P.

  5. I can’t remember the last time I laughed at a FB post like this. Fuck you Donald Trump, Fuck you, global warming, Fuck even you, the lazy sods WHO CAN’T INDICATE THEIR INTENTION TO TURN A CORNER. I’m officially signing off so I can go follow you. Sweet.

  6. I was booted out of a multiple birth group. Mostly slags patting each other on the back for going to sleep school and long debates over whether or not to dress twins the fucking same. Over and over again. On the occasion i was kicked out a septic tank (you seem like you’d fucking love rhyming slang…but i digress) had asked “is it ok that i lock my babies in their room overnight without a handle on the inside? ” I was savaged because I questioned the psychological damage it would cause and maybe it’s a fire hazard”. Anyway. .. bitches got angry and defensive and somewhere in America there’s a couple of little kids imprisoned. Can’t remember what my point is but I do know I like your style.

  7. are you single? lol – the ‘ unexpected items im bagging area’ is just the tip – you get me! somebody gets me. See, i’m not an “angry ant”, the world is in fact full of irritating people!

  8. I am calling this out every time I see it now, wherever it comes from: you describe Pauline Hanson as a “bottom-dwelling bitch”. So it is OK to describe a woman in this way, just because you think she is ignorant and disagree with her politics? No it is not. Feed my comment into the growing awareness of domestic violence against women, and anti-sexist respect for women in general. This sort of commentary is unacceptable, in any circumstances. I despise Hanson’s politics and methods, but this is not the way to oppose her. I have been guilty of it myself in the past, but I won’t do it any more.

  9. Pauline Hanson has the bravery to speak out for many, many Australians that don’t have what it takes. 1 or 2 disabled children in any one classroom takes away the needs of so many that need support. They may be extremely disabled, speak no English or have a condition that requires nappies. The teacher or teacher aide is responsible to take on extra duties that is not in their job description. Do you change nappies at work? Do you put up with distractive workers that are not able to use tools, be distractive to other workers or be a workplace hazard because of their condition or disability? I believe that these beautiful and valuable people have a place to be integrated in everyday society, however, children with severe disabilities have no place in my child’s classroom. Almost every spare minute ( of which there is practiculary none) is then taken with the child that needs extreme support. My child deserves as much support as them. So when you say “Fuck you Pauline Hanson” I hope you get to experience the disruption, non support for your child or your friends’ and tell me why this inclusive practise from 9 til 3 is fair.
    PS Ihave watched 4 or 5 adults escort 1 child to class. Equity? I think not. So fuck you back!

  10. Fuck you, Leanne Dixon.
    Every Autistic Person ever
    Especially the ones with high grades that tutored their classmates, went to university, and still struggle with ignorant arseholes with no idea of the facts.
    Perhaps if Pauline Hanson had not dropped out of school she would have learned something.

    For one thing, if you’d been paying attention, even childless people know that your stupid comment about nappies doe not apply because one of the developmental requisites for starting school is toilet training.

    Far Kew, love your work. My only concern with the Poopy Head article is that you mistakenly stated we do not have segregation in this country.

    We do. It’s called Aboriginal Affairs and the genocide continues, helped along by shit vomiting arsefaces like Herrz Truly. Aka Frau Hitler.

    Peace out.

    Hansonites, watch you do not slam your steamed vags on the door as you leave.

  11. Sorry I did not tell the truth.
    Our neonazi loving troglodyte is in Fact Ronald McDonald in drag.
    We know its true cos she worked the fries.

    1. Actually it depends what state you are in re: the toilet training as inclusivity policies vary.
      Note that I am NOT saying I agree with separating children with autism or any other learning disability, by any means ,but I am pointing out that Leanne’s experience may well have some basis in fact

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