WTF Wednesday – 6th April

This installment of WTF Wednesday seems to have a bit of an animal theme.


Ace from Perth sent me this delicious confectionery item. Note how the camel (who looks a bit high) has moved his tail to the side, so you can see the majesty of his great big sour liquid-filled camel balls that you are meant to eat. But they are gluten free, so the coeliacs can get into them as well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.39.31 pm.png

Keeping with the camel theme, Fiona from Dubai where there are plenty of them, sent me this hair oil. Have you ever been massively dehydrated and done a wee that smells super potent? Well imagine what the stench of camel piss would be like. These guys can last for ages without drinking so it would be mightily concentrated and pretty darn disgusting. Then you want to put that on your HAIR? Yeah, that’s a genius bit of thinking.

12421872_1218553928174151_219410277_n (1).jpg

Rebecca from Sydney visited a mall on the Gold Coast where they hire out animals (they could be camels, it’s hard to tell) on wheels for kids. These cute, chubby little toddlers decided to have a ride. Oh hang on….


Say this in your best Japanese accent. Brilliant.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.55.19 pm.png

Rachel from Hornsby sent this one in. Apparently this shop has been around for ages, so it’s doing really well in a competitive market. The customers just keep on coming *wink*.


Paige from Melbourne found this fascinating new product and I have to say I’m not surprised it’s a “thing”. With all the Femfresh and Summer’s Eve v-jay-jay cleansing stuff around, it was only a matter of time before owners of a doodle that smells a bit like knob stilton were gonna need some of this willy wash. Gross. But proven to make your cock shine like a beacon.

The End.

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