WTF Wednesday 23rd March


Thank you to everyone who has been sending in these for WTF Wednesday. Enjoy!


Genetically modified crops will kill us all. But not if we ride away to safety on a bargain four legged chicken! Giddy-up! Thanks Jo Joe for sending that one in.


Fiona from Dubai was baffled by “Essence of Kangaroo”. Because it’s not already bad enough that we are the only country in the world to eat their National Emblem, we need to squeeze kangaroo balls and make capsules out of them. Apparently they assist with sperm production. And hopping ability.


Tegan from Queensland found these delightful little lady plugs. Not only are they economical and assist with the much needed exfoliation of the vagina, there is no immediate risk of toxic shock.

The only slight inconvenience is that you will just keep on bleeding. And bleeding…

IMG_8733 copy

Never mind the property bubble, among the more pressing financial issues is the rising cost of fresh produce. If I do a rough count there appears to be about ten in a punnet, making them about $3 bucks a pop. And like everything else from the supermarket fresh produce section they’ll turn to sludge as soon as you check out. Coles Mosman perhaps?


The weather is turning. Prepare NOW. Don’t be left with a cold hole! I’m not sure if this goes on the inside or the outside….but it sure did have me confused in Japan a few years back.


Lea from Sydney, this is my kind of building. But I wish someone would start fuqing building it already.



  1. Hi Mel, For next Wednesday… The Japanese language has 3 alphabets but not one of them has an L, so they replace all L’s with R’s. This becomes quite amusing when you travel round Japan as they spell things how they pronounce them!

    Here are some of the classics Expert Onry Gondora

    I included two other photos which are a bit WTF.. Strawberry sandwiches and cigarette butts are more noticeable when walking a dog?!?!

    Nicki Harris Ph: 0414 669 996


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