WTF Wednesday 23rd March



Thank you to everyone who has been sending in these for WTF Wednesday. Enjoy!


Genetically modified crops will kill us all. But not if we ride away to safety on a bargain four legged chicken! Giddy-up! Thanks Jo Joe …

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  1. Nicolette Harris says:

    Hi Mel, For next Wednesday… The Japanese language has 3 alphabets but not one of them has an L, so they replace all L’s with R’s. This becomes quite amusing when you travel round Japan as they spell things how they pronounce them!

    Here are some of the classics Expert Onry Gondora

    I included two other photos which are a bit WTF.. Strawberry sandwiches and cigarette butts are more noticeable when walking a dog?!?!

    Nicki Harris Ph: 0414 669 996


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