WTF Wednesday 16th March

It’s WTF Wednesday! YEAH!

WTF Wednesday is what we all need while we wait for Fuck You Friday.

Here are the ones that had me floored. I mean actually saying WTF. I wasn’t able to stick to just 3 so I just changed the rules. Because I can do whatever the hell I like on here and can’t get kicked out. HAHAHAHAHA The power!


This delightful fuck-knows-what was found in a shop in Salamander Bay, NSW by Clare from Newcastle. Salamander Bay is home to lots of old people and very, very, extremely close family members…. I don’t know what is more scary: That these even exist, or that they are available in a mainstream store and not on the dark web. The price also seems to have been rapidly decreasing, which is a positive sign. Will they start paying people to take them away? Time to rethink the family holiday hotspot I think!


These kid friendly “warming pants” were sent in by Helen who found them in Hong Kong at Xmas. Very badly placed carrot no matter what way round you wear them. They sold like hotcakes though, because when Helen went back to buy a pair she was devastated to find out they were all gone….Let it go Helen, it’s for the fucking best.


Fleur and Jason sent in this one which is the top of a public garbage bin. Please feel free to throw your apples, paper, cups and cocks straight in this here hole…..WTF


Leah from Sydney obviously needs her head read as she is still shopping in Woolworths. They are such tight bastards there they give a one cent discount and then print fucking thousands of these bits of paper and pay an actual human to clip it onto the shelf. Bravo Woolworths for your tragic one cent promo on a brand of rice I’ve never even fucking heard of. If that’s not going to get the shoppers flocking in I don’t know what will.


Lea also sent me this one from the newly refurbished Westfield Hurstville. They appear to have run out of funds or just simply forgot to add the children’s play area so they came up with this. I know my kids would certainly enjoy that pile of cushions, whatever the fuck that green thing is and some soft toys instead of a climbing gym heaving with 4 year olds.

Fuck You Westfield. You recorded a 3.2 billion dollar profit and your shoppers get some half arsed picket fence from Bunnings and a couple of fucking cushions?

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  1. I fucking love you! I fucking love this page, and it’s so nice to hear an Australian, talking about actual life in Australia, I swear like a sailor, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything good or worthwhile to say, and this page, makes me feel right at home :), can’t wait till Friday!!

  2. An awesome diversion from the SM feeds filling up with depressing news of state of US politics atm. You need a Love me on Facebook button – OMG I’m literally spluttering my coffee over the screen reading this (must remember not to ingest beverages while being WTF’d (is that a new verb?) Anyhoo – keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Still trying to work out widgets with wordpress. Seems they don’t love me as much as everyone else and make it very fucking difficult. It seems inappropriate to write a Fuck You WordPress post though….

  3. Fuck you restaurants that “don’t split bills”. If I were 7 individual customers coming in sequentially to eat lunch on my own, you would have no problems issuing me my change. What the actual eff is the difference if those 7 individual customers are assembled at the same time. You don’t split bills? That’s ok I don’t buy food from assholes

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