What The Far Kew Doing Now? Jen Hawke – The Bachelor Villain.

She’s the “Villain” from Matty J’s season of The Bachelor that had us all chucking things at the TV screen over her bitchy comments and ballsy moves that shook the mansion to its core. None of us knew quite what to make of someone with that much confidence putting all the drama in the cabana.

But it sure was fun to watch.

I caught up with Jen Hawke to find out some inside goss about her time in the mansion, if she’s ever touched Osher’s hair and what she really thinks about Keira.

And of course to ask the most important question, “What the Far Kew doing now?”

Did you decide you were going to be the villain or was it decided for you?

Originally it was pretty apparent they were setting Leah up to be the villain, however, after a few days, I knew I wasn’t attracted to Matty so I chose to start playing up for the cameras and become the best damn villain the show had ever seen. The longer I was in the house the more bored I got and the more mischief I would make purely out of boredom.
What was a moment you can remember during filming when you felt most manipulated into the villain role?

I actively chose the villain role, but watching the show back I saw things that they would make all girls do (like slamming each other’s outfits in episode 2) however they would only show me and Leah being a bitch.

Credit: Jen Hawke/Instagram @jolfie

Did you wear your own clothes or were you supplied wardrobe or a budget?

I wore my own clothes and there is no budget provided. I spent about $4000 on clothes, shoes and jewellery before I went into the mansion – the joke is on me considering I didn’t even get a single date! The outfits for the cocktail parties are provided.

Was there ever a scrag fight over the outfits you got to wear?

Nuh, a few of the chicks had tanty’s over hair and makeup and towards the end, even I got upset that I couldn’t find anything to wear for a cocktail party. Turns out I had just put on weight and that’s why nothing looked good on me haha.

OK, gun to the head situation. You have to pick one. Would you rather be the meat in a Bachie sandwich with Blake Garvey & Richie, Blake Coleman and Matty J, Matty J and Richie or Megan and Elora? No, you may not phone a friend.

Can I take Megan and Matty? Otherwise Matty and Richie, I’d just paper bag them both 😜

How much of The Bachelor is scripted?

It’s not scripted, it’s produced and severely edited! In my season of the Bach it was edited to look like I was having a fight with Laura – but it was actually one of the other girls and if you paid attention to the background I was sitting behind Laura, while Michelle poured her wine into my empty glass!

How long did it take once the show aired for you to get trolls and negative backlash online?

I was one of the first girls identified by Daily Mail whole we were still recording, so as soon as the ads started and my famous “do I intimidate you?!” dig at Leah was shown I began getting trolled!

Were your social media accounts monitored by production? Was any support given on how to deal with trolls and negative attention?

They were monitored but there was no real support! We were the test season for having active social media during airing and it was a horrid experience. We had no right of reply, we were instructed to not engage with trolls and expected to just cop it!

Can you remember your worst online backlash comment or experience? How did you respond?

Somebody told me I should go fucking die. To me, that was too far and that’s why I’m so defensive of the girls and guys on social media when they get trolled!

Why did you decide to go on The Bachelor?

I did it for a bit of a laugh, little did I know the joke was on me!

Do you regret going on the show?

I don’t regret going on the show, but I would never recommend it to anybody. Most intelligent people understand how fake reality tv is. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who aren’t the brightest and actually think the people and situations you see are real.

Has it affected your employment prospects? Any huge perks?

My career is completely separate from the show and utterly successful on its own merit! Now people dress me for free and I get paid to post stuff on Instagram. I personally don’t like to flog anything and everything, so I only work with brands I believe in!
Credit: Jen Hawke/Instagram @jolfie

When did things start to calm down a bit, or are you still regular recognised from the show?

I cut my hair and dyed it blonde, now it’s black and people still stop for a photo. I don’t mind, I love being able to make somebody smile and it’s always nice when people respond with “OMG you’re actually really nice in person” – just trying to win the fans back one at a time.

Have you touched Osher’s hair?

Nooooooooooo – pretty sure that’s against Bachie law!

How much kale do you think he smokes?

Well, the mansion never had any kale so that should give you an indication. There was also never any weed, so you do that math.

Who are you still in contact with from the show?

Michelle, Laura Ann, Leah, Monica, Stacey and Simone. I chat to Flo every now and then. Elora and I constantly bump into each other at events and it’s always nice seeing her.

What was the best bitchy moment from the show that we didn’t see? Any huge hair pulling, nail clawing bitch fights?

Episode 2 or 3 when Elora, Simone, Leah and I are arguing in the drama cabana you guys were shown a fight that was made to look like Elora and I were fighting – but it was actually Simone and Leah tearing each other’s heads off and a crystal champagne glass was knocked all over the floor. There are plenty more stories you didn’t see where that came from.

What do you think of Keira?

Bit of a headcase. However, I’m loving seeing a bit more of her personality on Bachelor in Paradise – the show would be so boring without her.

Have you got any idea what is down Megan’s dress in this photo?

Is that a Fleshlight in your dress or are you just happy to see me? 
Is it the reflection of the glass?! I think the bigger issue is Keira wore that dress, so for me, it’s a matter of who wore it better.
And who wore it better?!

I think Keira’s face in this pic says it all really.

Why aren’t you in Fiji?! For the love of god!

Haha – everybody is asking this! After the whole Blake/nude photo incident, Warner Bros (who produce The Bachelor) and I had a falling out which ended with me telling them to “get fucked, I’ll never fucking work with you again”.
I also don’t see myself with any of the Australian bachelors other than Cam Cranley. Kind of regretting it now that I’ve seen Grant…

I guess that’s one way to burn a bridge, Jen! Finally, what the Far Kew doing now?

I’m writing a book! It’s a semi-fictional tell all about The Bachelor experience. Same experiences, same stories, same secrets – different names! So it’s going to be super fun for the general public to read it and try figure out who is who! I’m still commentating all things Bachelor on my cheeky new bit called “will you accept this roast?” on my Insta – note I have had Botox and my facial expressions aren’t as good as my season of Bachie hahaha.
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