The End. For Now.

I had a bit of a weird night last night. I don’t know if it’s the no sleep thing or if it’s just a natural progression. But I just decided I do not want to do this anymore.

The internet is a weird place, full of twists and turns and not all of them are positive. Couple that with the fact I have a busy life and do not get paid a single cent to make this blog, I just don’t know if I can support it anymore. But I wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has clicked on a post of mine, liked something, shared something or sent me a message or a comment. It means the world. Truly.

So, for now, this is THE END. I don’t want to start thinking if anyone will actually give a shit, this will just be another blog that disappears into the void. But I am secretly hoping that a few of you give a damn. But if you don’t …’s cool.

I guess that’s it! I never imagined it would end so suddenly. This is kinda weird…..I almost want to keep typing but I realise I must stop. Live life. Breathe again.

Until we meet again. Or not. Or something.

Hehehehehe this is like when you used to speak to your friends on the phone as a kid and say “You hang up”. “No, YOU hang up.” and then laugh. Until one of you hung up. But now it’s me, here, talking to nobody.

OK I’m really going now.




ONLY JOKING. APRIL FOOLS, FOOLS! As if I am leaving, I am far too needy.

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  1. Omg you bloody got me ??? fuck you too!!! Can’t wait for your next cheer me up blog. #greatmindsthinkalike

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