Fuck You Married At First Sight 2019

Holy shit, they’ve done it again! I didn’t think anything could top last years shit show, but it happened. Am I’m fucking thrilled to bits.

We have a villain that makes Davina look like Bambi.

Who couldn’t care less about

Married At First Sight Ep 17 GIF Recap

The show opens with all of the couples bitching that the last dinner party was the Tracey & Dean show. Clearly unhappy with their number 2 status, the emotions were ugly.

Nasser stopped his act of being everyone but Deans

Fuck You, Married at First Sight.

This show is ruining my life!!! Not since the ALDI special buys have I become so addicted to something so bad for me.

This is the first season I have ever watched, and BOY has it delivered the goods.¬† So …