Suck an actual bag of Dicks?


The other day I had a fantastic lady from the USA who will remain nameless send me a PM that stopped me breathing for a second. I felt this instant connection with her that I’ve never felt before. It was

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  1. paulhassing says:

    Dear Madam, I say this with great affection and a fervent desire to help optimise your prosperity. I also have two Jack Russell Terriers, so you know I’m not a bad person. I merely wish to report the errant possessive apostrophe in the phrase “all of it’s own”. I have a concise (and, by several reports, amusing) PDF remedy I can send you for free. With kind regards and deep apologies for any offence I may have caused, P.

    1. melwillz says:

      Dude. I am not fucking Shakespeare. I’m not even a writer, merely a ranter. You’ll have to just wait while I get better.

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