Married At First Sight. Why This Show Is Australia’s Biggest Disappointment Since Barnaby Joyce.

I’m taking a few nights off. I need a break. Why? Well after some pretty epic build up, I feel like the show is just ripping off the band-aid slowly and crushing everything we thought we knew about the series. And seemingly the world.

I’ve invested weeks of my life into this shitty show which I thought was actually quite brilliant. It had everything. Good looking people, villains, love stories and humour. What more could we ask for?

But I have some problems that have only recently become apparent.  It’s depressing AF. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Our babyfaced Telv went from hero to zero in just one episode.

Was it the snapchat or the coke off the ass crack?

Troy managed to get even weirder and tossed his salad in the sink after perving on Ashley’s Mum. Then tried to kill his own mum.

The Soft Serve did THIS. And I wish he’d just kept serving up the soft stuff.

Charlene and Patrick are going to be ripped apart by his lovely mother.

Credit: Flawlessvision


John started bitching that a 90-minute drive to the missus might be a bit tough.

It’s not fucking Darwin mate.

Nasser turned into the world’s biggest cockhead. Which damn nearly broke my heart.

Credit: Flawlessvision

And Trisha the “Expert” went from pervy comments about intimacy to full-blown Peep Show grossness.

A little to the left…..


I’m not sure what to believe anymore. The ones I was relying on are falling apart at the seams and everything I thought I knew is being shattered one gif at a time. So that’s it. I’m out until Sunday. I just need time to breathe and collect my thoughts (have it on record).

Fuck You Married at First Sight. I’m not getting Wogorigines am I?


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