Married at First Sight Episode 18 Pic Recap

Tracey takes the Deano home to meet her friends and they instantly take out their autograph books to get him to sign it for future Visionz eBay glory. They also look stoked to be around him.








Justin and Carly laugh nervously in her room with Piggy the childhood toy she still sleeps with, in a bedroom the size of a backyard dunny. Sadly, this will not be the most awkward exchange between the two this evening.
Nothing will come between us. Except maybe Piggy….
Gabby rents a crack den in Dee Why because she doesn’t want her daughter to wake up to Nasser in his undies. Fair enough. Then they sleep in a broken bed and Nasser asks to do anything else but stay in this shit hole. Literally anything else. 
WTAF is this, MethDenBnB?







Blair and Sean are also having troubles in Jo’s old apartment with Blair declaring she isn’t giving up until there’s nothing left, while Sean ducks outside to check Tinder.

Ashley’s sister asks if she’s really been trying, and Ashley genuinely isn’t sure.

So she takes Troy to Seaworld to practice kissing something of the opposite sex. Because he clearly has NO fucking clue. I hope that Dolphin was given a dental dam…..

John & Mel have facials and make sausages. And I’m really surprised the producers missed an opportunity to play the Righteous Brothers to this hot mess. Music rights are $$$ though…

It’s back to Sean and Blair where he says yeah but no but yeah but NUP. Just Nup. He isn’t going home with her, this really is THE END. Which is a damn shame since these guys were SO interesting. 

Nasser rides a horse and shrieks like a girl, leaving us all wondering if he’d never masturbated on a pool pony in his yoof. He seems genuinely petrified, possibly from all the hair touching him.

And The Human Soft Serve™ 🍦 and Carly had what is possibly one of the most awkward moments I’ve ever seen on television.  And I actually can’t work out how Carly did that with her arms.
Dry humping my piggy is more fun than standing here with you putting the soft in soft serve.
And to cap it off Sarah and Telv ate oysters and got the horn on. Telv is so close to getting a root, but only if Sarah doesn’t find her nightie tonight….

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