Married At First Sight Ep 17 GIF Recap

The show opens with all of the couples bitching that the last dinner party was the Tracey & Dean show. Clearly unhappy with their number 2 status, the emotions were ugly.

Nasser stopped his act of being everyone but Deans fabulously flamboyant friend and began his repertoire of resting asshole face.

Then put poor Gabby in the friend zone.

Troy had some serious bro talk with Dean. And for once wasn’t pulling a face like this.

And this guy read badly from a tele prompt.





Ashley said she can’t decide.

Sean was boring AF again.

This woman read some lines like she was in an insurance ad.

And Carly wondered if she should leave the soft serve.

Ryan said if Davina says stay he’s “gonna lose his shit”.

Tracey STILL can’t make up her mind about dickhead Dean.

And Meathead Dean made a meat face and some sounds came out.

Telv & Sarah made us all go AWWWWWW

This slightly creepy woman asked about sex again. A lot.






Nasser made more resting asshole faces to the tune of a tiny piano.

And Charlene called Patricks mum an asshat.

Troy talked some shit about shit and said he had an epiphany after he cut his hair.

Ashley seemed entirely confident with her decision to stay.

The Soft Serve and Carly both said stay. Which means the show is going to be so exciting this week.

And Sean was boring AF while Blair cried and said stay. Yay. MORE FUN COUPLES. 






John & Mel were cute and agreeable. And got exactly 3 seconds of screen time as a reward.







Tracey said Davina broke the Giwil Code.

So Davina tried (badly) to convince everyone she really does care about the Giwil Code.

Even the experts didn’t buy it.

And Dickhead Dean made some more meat faces.

Tracey and Dean both say stay. Which should balance the soft serve situation quite nicely.

Ryan said Davina is perfect. Just not for him.

Davina briefly gave Ryan and the rest of Australia cause to believe they needed a fresh pair of pants before  declaring LEAVE.

Let’s see if the show can continue being as good now old mate and Davina are gone.

See you tonight!

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