How To Make Bento Boxes

I stepped into the shallow mind of North Shore Steamer, Genevieve Twat-Waffle-Smythe this week. The purpose was to find out how the hell some mums can make this shit for their kids lunches, instead of the sandwiches that have been sustaining children for generations.


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  1. Ha ha ha! That is EXACTLY how to make a bento lunch. I was watching a Japanese TV show the other night and the Mum got up at 3.30am every day to make her daughter’s lunch. Just one daughter! In High school! Then they interviewed the class full of kids with designer lunches and they all had no idea how long it took their Mums to make. They thought their lunches were made in 2 minutes by Magical Bento Fairies. Being a half Japanese family we do own boiled egg molds, Mickey Mouse Rice Ball Shapers and Panda Face Seaweed Cutters etc etc, but they quickly moved to the bottom of the kitchen drawer. WAY down the bottom. I can make a rice ball from left over rice and seaweed sprinkles in 30 seconds with a piece of gladwrap, but in our house you don’t get a panda face on it unless you do it yourself.

    1. The seaweed cutters! I watched a how to make an Olaf bento box and just the egg part was at least 30 mins. Insane. Cute, and I can see the visual appeal, but that’s not going to happen in my house.

  2. I’m SOO going to get my live in domestic helper to tackle these for Bobby and Charlie’s lunch boxes. I’m not sure when she’ll find the time though. She’s so busy raising the children while I’m swanning about with the girls at the club having long lunches or my daily vag steaming sessions.

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