Fuck You Telstra

I am one of millions of Telstra customers who foolishly believed “You get what you pay for” when it comes to Telstra services. After all, they’ve spent years trying to convince us punters that their offering is superior to any other and that we must pay a savage premium to enjoy it.

Despite much more attractive deals from competitors, I stayed away from the likes of Optus and Vodafail because they simply aren’t up to scratch. Right? Telstra tells us so while they wave the little pen over the dotted line of their confusing contracts.

For years I’ve put up with the sub standard customer service and shitty overseas call centres so I could enjoy the faster internet speeds, better coverage, 4G network and ability to ditch my landline. I’ve moved house multiple times and each time dealing with Telstra is a fucking nightmare filled with tearful phone calls, technicians that don’t show up, and conflicting information. Every. Single. Time.

Telstra says….Pay us double. We are better. We own the network. We invest more.

Earlier this year Telstra suffered a massive network outage which they blamed on ONE GUY putting a plug into the wrong hole. I can think of only one other industry where putting something in the wrong hole is acceptable. And even then it’s borderline.

What the actual fuck! How the hell do they not have measures in place for this kind of monumental fuck up? I call bullshit, Telstra.

Last Thursday night when Telstra had it’s second outage this year I got to experience again what it was like to be back in 1985.

Picture this. I leave a meeting in South Melbourne to get into the city where I will meet a friend I met on a plane a few months earlier. I get an Uber which I book using the app. I call The Husband who cautions me not to be hacked up into little bits on the way to the dinner where he will later meet me. Benny the Uber dude smells nice and he looks like he knows where he is going. I am happy. All is well.

I use the Telstra phone to find my friend (who has flown in from Canada) using google maps. Clever little thing hey? Amazing.

We find a spot in a tiny bar and start chatting. I go to call The Husband again to tell him where I am and cannot get through. It takes a good while before I realise the entire network is down and I can’t do anything. No phone, no data, no texting. Loads of people are standing around banging on their screens trying to get something to happen.

The Husband spends the next few hours imagining me hacked up in tiny pieces as the last time he heard from me I was in an Uber. As far as he knows Benny the nice smelling Uber dude has poked my chopped remains down a drain hole and driven off. Or the random Canadian friend from the plane has conspired with Benny the nice smelling Uber dude and they’ve both taken half of my chopped remains and strewn them all across Melbourne in a murderous frenzy. His mind is racing. He sends me a TEXT MESSAGE FROM A FUCKING PAYPHONE. Which is totally fucking useless because it doesn’t let me ring or text back. And it cost him fifty cents when a tin can and a bit of string would have been more useful at this point.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.05.20 pm.png

To cut a long story short the next few hours are spent furiously cursing Telstra and realising our entire species is completely fucked without technology. The restaurant can’t even accept payment because Telstra own those landlines that the Eftpos machines run through. I am trying to tether my phone to my friends phone just to use viber to call other people and try to track him down. Epic fail. Epic.

Then yesterday it happens again! And the spokespeople from Telstra say the outage only lasted for an hour and affected 500,000 people. Bullshit!!! The knock on affect is huge. Businesses lose money, people can’t get through to their loved ones, plans go awry,  I personally know one person who was stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car. And we get offered a free data day? Fuck you!

Fuck You Telstra for ruining my night out and making my husband think I was dead. You owe me hours in lost conversation and frustration. Fuck You for making us pay a premium when you can’t even deliver. Fuck You for your crap overseas call centres and shitty contracts. Fuck You for trying to charge me a $15 late payment fee which you are never fucking getting. Fuck You for your continued and undeserved monopoly on the industry in Australia. Fuck You for your overpaid executives and Fuck You for your “wrong hole”.


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  1. I have to be with Telstra to be able to use my phone when I visit my parents in the middle of fucking no where. Up until this year I haven’t had a drama with them. Then I upgraded my phone. It took them a fucking week to reconnect my number to the network because I had to get a new sim. The only highlight of that week is that I got to witness an irate man in a Telstra store lose his shit because no one told him that sex lines are considered premium numbers so cost a billion dollars a minute.

    1. I used to work for Optus a million years ago and had to be that person in the call centre explaining to old ladies that their too old to be living at home sons had been dialling sex hotlines.

  2. Don’t pay you bill! I was told by a TELSTRA employee that they cannot legally make you pay for a service the cannot Provide.So don’t pay. No service no pay!

  3. Certainly not to that extent, and I commiserate with you, but did experience outage here for a couple of hours. Very frustrating when running a home based business! Well said!

  4. I work for NSW health. We rely on our phones for women to call when in labour. Our whole hospital was put on alert due to Telstra! We are talking about women not being able to call TO BIRTH THEIR BABIES!!! Over the Christmas period, we had a week of poor service, 3 women could not reach us, had to call ambulances to take them to an alternative hospital. NOT GOOD ENOUGH TELSTRA!

  5. Absolutely agree. I’ve had this argument with Telstra employees all the time. I was paying $120 a month for a 2GB Data Plan when other companies were offering better plans. Telstra claim to cover 99.3% of Australia whereas Optus covers 98.5%. 0.8% is not enough to warrant the extra charges.

    Hopefully these outages force Telstra to wake up to the delusion that their network is far superior than their competitors and start offering competitive prices!

  6. Ok it is frustrating and very unlucky to happen three times within a short period, but I can tell you the Telstra network is far superior and worth the price. My personal phone is with Telstra and my work phone is with Optus. I work in Sydney CBD. Work phone always drops out and call quality is poor, but I don’t have any issues when using my personal phone. Switching to Optus was the worst thing work ever did. So thumbs up to Telstra.

  7. i have a cpl of questions. ..
    who wrote this ? do u have the balls to put ur name to it or do u want to hide behind ur alias.
    Any chance u work for another telecommunications company? just a thought.
    you may preach to the mindless masses with ur faceless words but come out and show ur self and the ppl that arent sheep may listen.
    its sort of like the ‘pauline hanson’ syndrome.
    grow up and have the gutz to put ur name to ur whinge!

  8. Looks like it’s all tears.
    Your phone fucks up and its the end of the world. Get a bit of perspective.
    Why didn’t you just ask to use someone else’s phone and call your husband. Perhaps the friend that you were out drinking with? Anyone even? That’s what I did.
    Would have solved the entire problem if for one second you used human interaction instead of crumbling because your tiny computer in your pocket was malfunctioning.
    A whole lot of help writing this did.

      1. Dylan…you really are stupidly simple, aren’t you. Her husband couldnt receive calls anyway. If you are going to bag others, try using that mush that floats around inside your empty vortex before posting brainless posts.

    1. Love the response mate, what a douche Ric is aye!!! Who cares, were all anonymous here anyway moron, wait, you want Far Kews home address and credit card details too?, RIC, u sound like a creepy clingy teenage girl.on a dating site complaining bout a missing letter in a home town description…..Far Kew keep up the good responses…. F*CK EM ALL TO DEATH. AND TELSTRA FU<K YOU!

  9. Dylan….you are one simple idiot. The network was down, so her husband couldn’t have received the call anyway.

  10. So many sensitive little trolls in the world! The lovely Far Kew (I’m not sure, but I thought Kew was quite central – not that far from anywhere, but I digress) is completely entitled to both her opinion and her wisely chosen anonymity.

    As for me personally, I was tempted to the dark side from Optus by an enterprising young sub-continental knocking at my door. He did a fine job of “turning” me, but there it ended. Telstra “technicians” subsequently butchered my home system, disabled my extensions, left me with a main line so dirty with static that it was unusable, and (wait for it) disconnected my home security line. When I called to complain I was given the run around for days, finally arriving at “Dave From Brisbane”, who told me it was my problem and nothing to do with them. I said I’d complain to management, and his highly sarcastic reply was, “Yeah, good luck with that.”

    Instead I engaged the Telecommunications Ombudsman, who was very helpful, even to the point of telling me that Telstra, forever after known as The Evil Empire, are the focus of their attention FIVE TIMES MORE FREQUENTLY than their next competitor. The ombudsman supplied the number for the actual complaints centre at The Evil Empire, a number available from no other source than the ombudsman (i.e. The Evil Empire keep it secret) and my contract was duly cancelled and my money refunded.

    Conversely, yesterday I called Optus to ask why my boss was not receiving my text messages on his Samsung, when other friends could. Not only did the lovely Mandip recognise the problem and provide the solution (the paranoid Samsung software thought I was spam because I message my boss multiple times a day), he called me back a few hours later to ask how I had gone with applying his solution. Can you pick the slight differences there?

    This level of service was way above my expectations of a major telco, and just served to reinforce the stance I have taken ever since I so foolishly chose to give The Evil Empire that one, final, fatal chance all those years. Put simply, whenever I am doorknocked or cold called by T.E.E., my response is the same: I tell them, politely but very directly that I will, never, ever return to The Dark Side. I emphasise the point by adding that the price is irrelevant, that even if they offered to pay me, I will never, ever make that mistake again.

    And, my trollish friends, I’m a primary school principal, not an Optus employee, nor a friend, relative, associate or in any other way connected to them. They are merely my service provider of choice, and always will be.

  11. I am 80 years old and I have been a Telstra customer for most of that time and I have never had any problem. The very few times that something went wrong they have immediately come at my request and fixed the problem! You must be talking about a different Telstra to the Telstra I know! Lawrie

  12. As a family of four, two children that use a decent amount of Internet, and two adults studying for their Masters by distance education, I was also a Telstra customer and the phone and Internet service was shocking. Numerous phone calls, long waits for service, terrible customer service, eventually Telstra admitted that they could no longer spend money on maintaining their lines since NBN lines were due to be laid soon (due in our area in about 3 years). They literally said “we can no longer offer you a service” and withdrew services. Our area has slim pickings for alternate options, but after a couple of Internet free weeks, we managed to get some Internet. It’s not fantastic (uses Telstra lines) but it is all we have for now.
    The part that bothers me most is that although they admit that their lines are terrible in our area with overcrowded lines, they still offer those lines on a contract. I struggle to see how that is ethical practice.
    For those who think that complaining about lack of Internet is really a first world problem, well maybe. But with distance education requiring three hours a day of study, on top of my full time job, and paying a decent amount of money to be able to access my online content, it is a big problem for our family. Each subject costs me $5000, and there are two of us studying. In short, if I fail a subject because I cannot access the content, we have to pay a further $5000 each ($10,000) plus the $500 we have spent on Internet that doesn’t work. First world? Yes. Still important? Absolutely.

  13. Telstra are absolutely hopeless when it comes to customer service. It only took them 7 weeks to connect my home phone and Internet after switching from Optus. Telstra told me that someone lived in the residence already and they couldn’t connect. It took me 7 weeks to tell them that I lived in the residence. It was like bashing my head against a concrete wall, trying to get them to stick one plug in a bloody hole. All this while I was paying for so called premium service.

    I think a gold fish could have given me better customer service than Telstra.

    Well done for writing the truth!

  14. I am totally over this company, firstly they sold me a phone that wasn’t blue tick knowing I live in an area with very little signal and when I call to complain about coverage they finally offer to pay for half the cost of the phone! Pfffft fukn big hearted of them since they sold me a phoe I can’t use! Then we have all these fukn outages and we are still having them…lost shit loads of business and then they have the balls to charge an extra $15 dollars for late payments and $2.50 for paper bill that I requested be sent by email 4 fukn times! Grrrrr a big fuck you Telstra!

  15. Look. When the choice is between Shitstra, Droptus and Vodafail I do feel like options are limited. Let’s go back to carrier pigeons and morse code I say. Have a word with Donald Trump – he wants to ask Bill Gates to turn off the internet. I shit you not. Dot dash dot dot dash etc

  16. We must live in a third world country now cause 6 fucking months to get a land line connected is fucking bullshit Telstra you bunch of lying ass wipes what a fucked up phone system we have in this country these days

  17. Used to cost me over 300mbucks per good month with telstra landline and adsl plus one cell on contract and one on prepay. Moved over to a company Ii prefer and now have 2 prepay deals on the Telstra network but not with telstra plus data and voip via fixed wireless NBN all for less than 15 per month. And when we go to NZ every year we pick up a prepaid deal for 1 month there with unlimited NZ and Oz standard calls plus heaps of data- last time wife used her telstra sim there for a short trip we got raped for over 250 bucks in roaming charges. May someone put a syphilitic penis in your hole , Telstra.

  18. Contact Ombudsman with any grievances, I did twice & they were incredibly thorough detailed investigation. My last complaint (5 years back) challenged Telstra about their auto charging for exceeding limits without notifying anyone this is why everyone now gets regular notification. This new web mail system has got to go and heads should roll why IT fwits wasted time & my share holder $ that forced us from a perfectly good working Bigpond webmail system.

  19. We`ve been trying for close on 11 months now to have the $2.20 ‘paper bill fee’ removed from our account. As pensioners and health care care holders we are exempt ( according to Telstra`s web information ) Endless dialog via the 24/7 chat line , emails, phone calls and even letters have brought equally endless promises , excuses, refunds, payments ( for the inconvenience) and still the damn fee keeps appearing month after month.

    For goodness sake Telstra what happened the the service part of ‘customer service’? Does no one actually listen and then act on issues any more?

  20. Yes I made the cardinal sin of forgetting to recharge before my prepaid rollover. Silly me I thought they might cut me some slack and just this once recredit me or throw me a bone of some free data to ease the pain. After talking to miscellaneous hamstrung lackeys in the 24/7 online call center, then an unhelpful supervisor, their hands are apparently tied. This equates to tough shit you loser who can’t remember to recharge your phone.
    So no doubt they don’t care that i’m off to some other provider, who will be equally useless, but at least i’ll have the satisfaction of never having to give these wankers another cent.

  21. When the options change I will dump these thieving telstra bastards. As will many others. Thanks to the shitheads that have privatized our country into an overpriced shithole

  22. I have a $10.20 credit on a closed Telstra account Bwhahahah ! Despite asking for the balance to be applied to my new account or simply sending me a cheque , Telstra insists on sending me a monthly statement every month for the last 12 months. They add insult injury by stating the credit will be applied to my next bill ( on a closed account ) and no payment is required. Wondering if this charade will ever end.

  23. I live, as the crow flies, 2km from the Brisbane CBD, I can visually see Tesltra Towers here in my house (not apartment!) in West End 4101.

    I have a black 4G modem while the kids hog the house Optus wifi (whole different story).

    I have 1.26GB left and 117 days left to use it. After a whole afternoon of being fine, it now does not work, can’t work, battery full but can’t even load the Telstra m website.

    This is frustrating.

    I also have a business phone with Telstra but I am thinking they are using it to relay the Telstra Air network as I get these weird messages all the time about available wi fi, why the fuck do I need wi fi on my phone when I never exceed the data limit?

    Thinking what’s the point in renewing this modem’s data when it just doesn’t work, I mean the modem is fine, the network is fucked.
    I heard Vodafail has improved their network …

  24. Got pension concession card and went into telstra shop at west lakes in dec 2015. Was there for an hour and the girlie there rekons she will make sure it will get through as their computer was having trouble. I suggested that if it didnt work that they ring me back and will come in again to fill out the forms again. No call from them so thought it all was ok. Got next fucktra bill and low and behold there was NO concession on the bill! Rang them up and they could not remeber and was no record of it at all! Useless! So rang telstra call centre and they had no record of it neither! Gets better!! They asured me the discount will apprar on next bill. Guess what? It was not on the next bill neither!! So rang them again and they appolgised in there call centre toungue and reassured me that this tome it will be there on the next bill with it being dated back to dec 2015. Now its sept 2016 and YES you guessed it! Not concession discount on the bill!! Was kinda dissapointed at this stage if it wasnt on the bill! I rand the communications ombusman and they stepped in. Wankstra off shore call centre rang me back and appologised to end, almost kissing my smelly feet, and gave me a whopping $60 discount on my next bill! And yes I was shocked to see the $60 discount on the next bill! Since then I have gone to NBN through another service provider and had the great pleasure to ring up dickheadstra and cancel my home phone. Thankyou telstra for making my life a misery for 9 or so months with a simple bill adjustment for a pension discount that your useless call centre staff couldnt and didnt know how to do. All I can say its been a nightmare knowing you and go walking at night in the outback ontop of a high cliff!

  25. We live in a duplex and unfortunately share a party wall with a family of night owls so relations with them were already soured after repeated request to keep the noise down after 11pm as the bedrooms are right next to their kitchen.
    One day, May 2016 I pick up the landline phone and discover the woman next door chatting away and find that our phone line point of attachment is on their property and wires going from their P.O.A to ours. I suspect it was done years ago and not their fault , but then she decided to connect into the spare socket and that’s when the worst of the problems with Telstra started.
    So a Telstra tech came out and removed the wires going to their property from my P.O.A and all was hunky dorky or so I thought. Dec 2016 having some issues with internet and checked P.O.A and all good there and telstra rectified issue they said was exchange related.
    Again some issues in Feb 2017 and again checked P.O.A to find the wires had been reconnected from my P.O.A to their house. I was absolutely furious and blasted telstra for a 50 minute phone call where they denied having sent out a tech to reconnect wires. You could see it was someone with tech knowledge who had done this and I wrote a letter to next door and they denied having employed a tech to re-install the wires.( I should have taken pictures when wires were first removed.)
    So apparently the wires all just jumped back on by themselves!!!!
    There was two long phone calls to telstra about this and the first was taken by an effeminate sounding Indian guy called Winstone who thought I had hung up, and at the end of the 50 minutes let out this desparate sigh. It did make me chuckle a bit as I had enacted some sort of revenge on Telstra for the bullshit they continually spoon feed us all.
    At the end of the second phone call where I was in a perpetual rage and bashing my head against a brick wall the very last thing the ‘customer service representative’ said was if it’s an illegal connection made by next door then you should call the police.
    That response left me stunned, congratulations Telstra for worming your way out of that one…
    One of the ‘C.S.Rs’ let slip that ours was a bridged line even though they are two seperate properties and the P.O.As are from circa 1950s. It’s a shame you don’t have the facility to upload pics as the state of these P.O.As is a disgrace, something you would expect to see in some third world country.
    Anyway the upshot of all that abuse towards telstra is they did play around with the lines at the exchange and the internet is a whole lot better now, very stable, but I’m sure I’ve been black banned by the Indian Mafia…..LOL
    Also Telstras webmail is a slow clunky piece of shit, microsoft were building a better webmail app 20 years ago.
    NBN is just about to be rolled out here and once it’s online will be saying saionara to Telstra for life….
    Telstra is an extremely arrogant organisation born out a situation where they were a government created monopoly and history has shown that government created monopolies are the most arrogant and costly to the consumer.
    Not sure what to do about landlines and mobiles but if our governments had any backbone all they would have to do to fixed internet speeds in this country would be to set 20 Megabytes per second landline speed as the minimum with yearly $500 million fines if not achieved by Telstra and surprise surprise all the speed problems would fade away.
    So I see the problem is with out gutless pollies who couldn’t organise a piss up at a brewery…..

      1. The other thing that really stinks with Telstra is the way they boot you of your webmail app and back to their homepage after a period of time they have determined your not using it, and then it requires you to laboriously log back on…..again demonstrating the sublime levels of arrogance that only the mindless &*%^#$@( from Telstra could achieve…..

  26. Yep hit the nail on the head. Was brought to tears tonight by the shear frustration of dealing with such incompetent and neglectful customer service. I’m absolutely at my wits end over last few months of the fucking Merry go round of miscommunication and inaction. It’s criminal to subject consumers to the abuse of paying for a false expectation which has over the past 12 months a steady decline of improvement. Once my contracts are up fuck you Telstra!

  27. IT all started in early March 2017 – phone went out when it rained, came back working when the rained cleared away.

    I called the fault reporting section and reported the problem. She got all the details of the fault, like the dial tone disappeared when raining and phone was unusable…I told her that – UNUSABLE; phone did not work and she did….nothing….she did not put a job in for repair. I found out in a later phone call all she did was put a note that I called about noise. (after waiting 30 mins on hold!)

    That was the first problem; when I phoned the fault section again to try and find out what happened, they admitted to me the first operator did not do her job…anyway it took another 2 weeks for a tech to turn up to fix the fault. I mentioned how long it took and the tech was amazed and apologized to me.

    He did not however fix the fault…another tech tried again 4 weeks later, but again did not fix the fault.

    I then did something really stupid; I tried to contact the CEO of Telstra. That didn’t work but I got someone who they flicked the email to. She again tried several times to help but failed.

    I then did something even more stupid, I contacted the complaints section by online form and 3 days later a woman rang me and asked what the problem was. I told her and asked what further could be done (like fix the line) she said she didn’t know so I asked her to find out. Nothing happened, so I rang her a week later to find out what she had done. Nothing as it turned out. I gave up for a while, because of blood pressure, but once again tried the complaints section; another grim mistake…2 different males spoke to me, but because their english was not good, I only understood half of what they said…

    After asking them to repeat again and again, I had to stop because of chest pains.

    The next day another man rang me from the complaints section, and it went something like this –

    “Your phone is working ok now so I will close the complaint.”,

    I said “No, it doesn’t work when it rains, so it is faulty.”

    He says to me, “you are using it now yes? So it is working. I will close the complaint then?”

    I say, “No. It doesn’t work when it rains, you understand? So there is a fault.”

    He again, “But you can hear me yes? so there is not a problem?”

    I said, ” You are kidding me…I want the phone fixed, I want it fixed..” I then hung up the phone as I felt like I was having another heart attack.

    About 15 minutes later, a lady calls from the complaints section (no doubt flicked to her by the previous gentlemen) She tells me she will handle my complaint until the phone is fixed. She sends me her contact details and says if I contact her during business hours she will respond immediately (which I took to mean within 24 hrs) Anyway I send her an email when the phone goes out again on Monday….waiting for a reply. None came even by Friday and still nothing from her, like a phone call maybe?…nope and now its next Tuesday – so after 7 business days no reply. Wonderful. I could go on about how she said she would send a $200 credit to my phone account, but it appears that didn’t happen either.

    I have been a Telstra customer for 30 years. I moved to the country to retire 13 years ago… and the faults started ..first one then another and another…I have lost count …..need to rest now. cant go on

  28. Telstra is a bad joke
    It’s sort of like a 1950’s Indian government department.
    Bureaucratic, chaotic, fractured into too many departments, cheap arse call centres, seemingly headless.
    Their website is symptomatic of what’s wrong with Telstra.
    Hundreds of different pages. confusing, chaotic, conflicting information, so many different pages mixing selling products with their services.
    Example, try logging in and changing your personal details.
    If you don’t have a landline TOO BAD, you must put a landline number in or you can’t complete the page.
    Go figure!
    Try paying a bill, log in, go to the Billing page, it crashes. Go to online chat to get the problem sorted…. what does he say … go to this page and you can pay your bill…. unfortunately you can’t pay your bill because you don’t know how much the bill is because the billing page with the bill details keeps crashing!
    the guy on the chat page has gone!
    Didn’t hang around.
    If the chat guys don’t know the answer, if it’s a bit difficult, they just turn it off… sorry too hard.
    It’s happened to me many times.
    Telstra is a bad joke, amateurs, overcharging for crap service.
    Management are living in some kind of self-constructed bubble where they believe they are the best.
    I would fire the whole top echelon of management and get in some new blood from the other telcos.

  29. Agree-all talk you pay triple to get worse service from telstra. Rather be with anyone else as I am now and got all my old bills waived didn’t give em a cent. Victory is mine..also I don’t even care so much to give em the bird as they are not worth anyone’s time and energy especially mine.

  30. Yep totally agree even though I read nothing! The worst telco on the planet and Australia so I’m lead to believe is the biggest rip off on the planet regardless of which CO your with. Some countries apparently you just plug in and it’s free. Everything nowadays I have to pay for is FUCKED goods services items ETC ETC. and it’s the governments fault with immigration , anyone caught a cab lately , bought petrol, got on a plane , bought fast food. Then you know what I mean.

  31. Telstra is a fucking useless spastic that only a fucked down syndrome alien could love, with the internet speed slower than a dead ant and retard customer service that can’t understand English little own how to fucking maintain a stable internet connection so fuck you Telstra.

  32. Telstra is a fucking scam and what sucks is that my family fucking prefer Telstra because it’s ‘FAST’ yet we get the shittest speed and they refuse to go with Optus when I mention them about Optus. Still I prefer going to Optus than staying on the shittest internet provider ever the so called fastest internet my foking ass!! I HOPE TELSTRA FIX THEIR STUPID SLOW SPEEDS

  33. Same probs occurred with me. I duped out of their last dodgey contract half way through. After 35 of my loyalty to them fuckers, I finally broke free. The bastards promised me at minimum 25 mbps at I got 9 mbps but mostly around 2 mbps. There landline phone service was as useless as a c.f.o.c.w! Don’t start me on the lies, mismatched records and the dickhead knobs from the foreign call centers. Keep your debt collectors on my case Telstra ( costs you more) not one more cent out of me. This fool has woken up dip shits!

  34. Telstra admits it owes me money. It is 5 June 2018. I have been trying since 11 April 2018 to get my own money back from Telstra, having accidentally electronically paid it over $2,300. Numerous phone calls to its 1300 number, to faceless nameless call centre employees, a complaint through Telstra’s complaint line and numerous emails and Telstra still refuses to refund my overpayment. I consider Telstra’s conduct as criminal.

    Telstra has pissed me off and I will leave ASAP and will get my husband to change his two services.

  35. Telstra signed up my elderly father for NBN without him actually agreeing to it – and then made angry phone calls after he wasn’t home when they turned up to do the install. Naturally he cancelled the order, not wanting to be a Telstra customer for NBN (or anything else). Then for icing on the cake, they told his current ADSL provider that he’d migrated to NBN so his ADSL got cut off anyway. Thanks Telstra!

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