Fuck You, Telstra. Part 2.


I was pretty shitty to receive my Telstra bill this month seeing as I wasn’t able to use the service for a good few days during the last billing period. I had issues with the Telstra network going down like …

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  1. Near Kew says:

    Actually this has little to do with Telstra apart from they, along with Optus and Vodafone, are the ones that are required by legislation collect and pass on these charges from ring tone scammers, 1900 calls, etc etc. They NEVER pass on your details – you, or someone with access to your phone, have subscribed from an email/text/website/app without reading the very fine print that these scam artists rely on.
    I used to work for one of the phone companies and it gets up my nose at the number of people who slag off at them for things that are nothing to do with them. Fair cop when it is their network which causes grief, by the same token it is going to have an occasional outage – technology does that. People need to get over themselves and learn to cope without a mobile or a smart phone app for a few hours once or twice a year.

    1. Far Kew says:

      OK the key word here is “scammer”. If they have a way of deliberately misleading or hiding the fact you have unwittingly signed up to a service then this is called THEFT BY DECEPTION. I am 37 years old. I’m not an idiot and I never sign up for apps, emails, texts or websites that sell this sort of shit.

  2. Greg Williams says:

    NK – if you are supporting Telstra then you are part of the problem. Telstra and all the mobile phone companies use the same practices as these scammers (eg so much money made from overseas visitors using data at exorbitant rates until they get wise) so, of course, they can’t decry it. It is time companies were prevented from charging you for services you don’t know about or want. Get out the torches and pitchforks, people!

  3. Kev says:

    Near Kew, I recently suffered the same fate and assure you I did not subscribe to a single service. My recent research suggests Telstra is the only Telco that still has sinlge click opt in. So when you get an annoying banner add pop up on your screen when you are not expecting it, it may in fact be the problem. This is not the users fault, this is the deceiving advertisers. When i’m scrolling through a webpage and about to strike the screen to instuct my next request, only for a pop add to appear, this is unjust. Only solution is to change to any of the other Telco’s that offer confirmed opt in i.e. ‘click ok if you are sure you want us to charge you unfounded charges and hide them in your bill for months, before you realise’.

  4. This is why i never get hooked into a contract-pre-paid all the way, feel i have more control that way oh & i’m with Optus so far so good….

  5. Chris says:

    Telstra are fucking shit – the useless call centres, useless shops and useless…everything. In the last two years we have not had ONE satisfactory dealing with them. Every time we try and set something up, we have to call back because they’ve fucked it up. When I tried to setup my mobile it took six phone calls an two visits and they still stuffed it up. Just totally crap.

    1. Far Kew says:

      We seem to have the same luck every time we move house.

      1. Tony parry says:

        Telstra are no more than government sanctioned criminals, you rob someone, you go to jail with a record. Telstra robs millions and the pissy government sucks their cocks. ANYBODY in australia who works (and i use the term lightly), for these crims are just as bad as each other .I have the same respect for drug dealers and armed robbers, telstra, are armed with the australian government. I would feel more pride in having a sex industry daughter than a telstra brat.

  6. JACK FROST says:


    They are nothing but money grubbing assholes period.!

  7. Fuck you Telstra says:

    Telstra can go fuck itself. The shitly company should be shame itself. the stupid Oversea call Centre can drive you crazy every single time you call them. They are hopeless and act like fucking smartass. I guess they can do this to their customer because Telstra don’t give a shit about their customers all they want to do it suck you money and privide you shit service.

  8. Yep says:

    Costing me time and money the CUNTS. Gunna see if I can have then in court

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