Fuck You, small but insanely painful injuries.

It wouldn’t be Friday without some kind of drama to befall your friend Far Kew. But today I am wishing that I didn’t court disaster,  for I have spent the morning at the local Dr’s surgery having actual surgery on the …

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  1. Cilla says:

    Burns on the fingers can eat a bag of dicks too. But lol. Thankyou for the action shots, too. Happy new year FYF. Have a fucking good one eh?

    1. Far Kew says:

      Thanks Cilla! And yes, burns are super duper painful!

  2. Norman says:

    OH DAMN …. AND OUCH!! Hope it all heals quickly! You need that finger to give folks the bird!!

    1. Far Kew says:

      It would be my most used finger!

  3. Fem says:

    My husband once spent quite a long time outlining how much pain he was in from a paper cut, while I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. I was not amused!

    At lrast having squeezed out a couple of babies you’ve earned the right to complain about paper cuts 😉

  4. Tania says:

    I was recently describing a very similar injury that happened to me as a child. But it was a splinter into my thumb nail bed. (The piece of wood lodged itself under my nail as I was rescuing a ball out from under a school portable). The principle removed it. With what? I have no idea. They didn’t let me watch. I’m impressed they managed to cut away your nail. I still have a bump in my nail bed to this day.

    I’m way impressed that you weaponised a soba noodle.

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