Fuck You, Shopping Centre Rides.


Y’all know I hate to go shopping. It’s where the most insufferable fools like to hang out, seemingly just to give me the fucking shits.

If I want to make a place in a fiery hell-like situation seem preferable to …

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  1. ebdani says:

    Mate ya gotta get to St Ives where they’re the last place in existence to have the 20c kiddy ride – belongs in Coney Island it’s so ancient but still a borry bargain. (Granted a queue round the block given where it is, but, you get that. *shrug* LOL)

    1. Far Kew says:

      They should all be 20c. I reckon they’d still make a profit given they are so bloody short. Assholes.

  2. TF says:

    I hate these rides and my kids are obsessed with them..The worst thing is when they do catch a free ride with some sucker I feel obliged to pay the next one! So the evil system wins double. Hate these things!

  3. Fucking brilliant as usual,I look forward to my weekly dose of Fuck You Friday, you nailed it

    1. Far Kew says:

      Naw, thanks Samantha.

  4. Anna Brophy says:

    Antibacterial wipes??? What?? Never entered my mind. BUT those pissy rides are killers. I am the mean mummy who lets them sit in them and pretend… Sure, I flip in a coin in occasionally, but seriously; those feckers are around every corner!

    1. Far Kew says:

      Oh yep. I am wiping them down if we eat in the mall. My kids are still small enough to shovel food in with their hands and those things are festy as! But I’ll let them eat off the floor at home….!

  5. George Kalis says:

    Seriously Far Kew, you always can elicit a gafaw from me and Bec. You have our sense of humour. Love ir

  6. Rachel Soma says:

    I never pay for those stupid things (especially since 2yr old loves to sit in them but will lose her shit if it starts moving) but I will never forget one day when I was pregnant with #3, #2 was having a meltdown and #1 was sitting in one using her best debating skills “But mummy, I’ve tried to be a good girl and this would make me so happy I will be good forever!” when a young lady sidled up with a $2 coin and quietly said “May I?” I nodded, exhaustedly, and she put the coin in but not before saying to my daughter “You can have a ride but you have to promise to be extra nice to your mummy today”.
    So Fuck You, Shopping Center Rides, but Thank You, Random Lady.

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