Fuck You, Random Disappointed People.

I got unfollowed again last night. I say ‘again’ because it happens all the time, though I don’t usually get told about it. It comes with the territory.

This one was a little strange though, as it kind of upset …

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  1. Hey it’s just me says:

    That’s right! Fuck ‘em. I’m so sick of seeing people and companies and politics conforming to other people just because they get offended. For what it’s worth I appreciate your blog, although I personally relate to nearly everything you post, but if I didn’t your sincerity and transparency is admired. I too have always been a people pleaser until I finally got WOKE and started on the path to rebuilding what was left of me. So Far Kew, Fuck it, and Fuck them, and Fuck my family and Fuck fucking Beryl, and Fuck everything that just doesn’t matter at the end of it all. If you are taking your last breath of life and it doesn’t flash through your mind that it’s not worth a fuck. Have a great mother fucking day everyone!

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