Fuck You, Peak Hour Drivers.


On Wednesday this week, I had to drive to a place called Footscray, when it was pissing down with rain. Footscray is an ugly shit hole, made all the more shit by the fog and rain and sudden freezing weather. …

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  1. Try driving in Toronto, Canada!!!

    It is a white knuckle ride.

    I am considering wearing adult nappies when I get in the car on the freeways of death because I almost shit myself every time. They are the world’s worst drivers!!! No one follows any speed limits (like literally no one) they change lanes like MOFO’s and they don’t drive to the conditions. Bucketing down in snow and they still do 140/160 Km’s on the roads. The other day it was snowing and in less than 24 hours the police had been called to 500 accidents in Toronto.

    Due to the high amount of accidents car insurance premiums are almost double than they are in Australia.

    Fuck you shit drivers!

    P.S – Freaking love your blog!

    1. Far Kew says:

      Wow! that sounds pretty bloody scary. Thanks for the love 🙂 Far Kew

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