Fuck You, Pauline Hanson.

I’ve wanted to say this for an awfully long time. Fuck you, Pauline Hanson.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve watched you pick on Asians, Muslims, the LGBTQI community and other women, and I’ve silently fumed. Rolled my eyes, gone high while you searched for new lows and found my own way to make the world better. Because there’s no point arguing with people who aren’t fond of facts or evidence (and you proved as much when you argued against vaccination, and actions speak louder than mud slung in anger. For twenty years, I thought the best remedy was to ignore your hate based rhetoric and try to live my life in contrast to the way you live yours. 

But this week, enough. Today with two decades of rage under my belt, I say loudly: Fuck You, Pauline.

It takes one helluva bigot to wrestle the headlines from the Bigoted Orange Swamp Turd who’s shitting all over the White House, and somehow, you’ve managed to do just that.  You’ve dug through the depths of the most turd filled swamps this week and found a new way to attack a minority group in a feeble and frankly pathetic attempt to remain relevant. You’re not. And every time you open your foul mouth I’m reminded of why.

Yes, there are people that follow you, wash your pustular words away with rationalisations like “Don’t hate me, but I kind of see what she means,” or “It may not be PC, but she’s just saying what people are already thinking.” Congratulations, swamp wench,  you are officially the Pied Piper of Prejudice. You are relevant to the very lowest common denominator within our country: the nose pickers who are easily swayed by populist rhetoric – your personal speciality – without knowing any actual facts. Because facts get in the way for you, don’t they? You know, the fact that vaccines don’t cause autism, that Muslims are more at risk from terrorism than any other group in the world. The fact that sexual assault is a crime (unless you are Donald Trump, your new bestie). Or the fact that children with disabilities don’t compromise their classmates’ learning journeys.

On behalf of those pesky facts and of every group that you have demonised (it’s getting to be a pretty big list) Fuck You. Politicians like you are a disgrace to our democracy. Because despite what you think, protecting democracy doesn’t mean calling women’s march participants “fat.” It doesn’t mean isolating people from each other and turning them against one another. It doesn’t mean finding a scapegoat or dividing people in the hopes of getting a little political traction. It doesn’t mean being a media whore. Being a leader is supposed to be about representing everyone. Not just the bigots. It’s supposed to be about standing up for people, not tearing down vulnerable children.

These are children, Pauline. (May I call you that? Actually, fuck you, I’m going to anyway. You don’t deserve a title). Children. And you want to systematically segregate them from the rest of their peers. Why not just make them wear a gold star? Separate water fountains. Back of the bus. Yeah, we all know how well those things worked out.

Whether its neurodiversity or multiculturalism, our differences make us stronger as a country. Being around people who are a little bit different to you is actually a good thing. It teaches you valuable life skills, like humility, grace and not being a complete douchebag. It exposes you to new ideas (crazy concept, I know, since you’d rather live in an era the other side of World War 2). It’s how inventions are conceptualised, knowledge is spread and progress is made. We don’t segregate anymore, Pauline. The White Australia Policy is dead and gone and everyone – especially children – deserves every opportunity our amazing country can offer.  

Neurodivergent kids are pretty diverse bunch themselves. There’s no way of labelling them or pigeon-holing them that makes sense. There’s no evidentiary path that actually shows that they distract other kids. And fuck you for thinking there is.  There are real issues in our education system that urgently need attention and your mouth flapping is diverting from the real issues that will help our children. You know, the ones you are paid to create a future for.

Fuck cynical politicians like you. Fuck people who are so unhappy with their own lives that they’re willing to latch onto some empty, ill-informed, hate spewing harpy like you who diverts attention from the real issues.  Fuck anyone who thinks it’s ever okay to marginalise children of any kind, ever. Fuck you very much. I’m taking the nasty back. Forgive me, Michelle, Malia & Sasha, I just can’t “go high” today. No, today I’m joining you in the cesspool you call life, Pauline, and I’ll mud wrestle you for the title if I have to.

You want to go low, bring it, you hate-breathing, fear-mongering, bottom-dwelling bitch. You’ve got nothing. No evidence, no solutions to your pretend problems, and nothing intelligent to say on the subjects like neurodiversity and education. Nothing intelligent to say, full stop. Fuck you, Pauline. You are the festering boil on the asshole of humanity, and we’re sick of your toxic crap.


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And if you somehow missed the Fuck You, Anti-Vaxxers post from last year that she co-wrote, you can read it here



  1. And fuck you too you negative, anti-everything bitch. At least Pauline us having a decent go at representing her constituents instead of just contributing to the same self-licking ice-cream the rest of the career-centric leeches do.
    Let me guess, you vote greens or labour right? Or perhaps don’t bother voting as you’re too busy spewing vile hatred against those that disagree with your views. In case you need reminding what those views are, just take a look up your own arse. Oops it’s already there isn’t it! ?

    1. Fully agree Mark! In years to come everyone will be upset hat they didn’t listen to her when Australia has gone down the toilet!!

    2. Funny how insults and hate begets more insults and hate. Even funnier that it’s only the Pauline haters preaching the insults and hate. Maybe when Far Kew manages to remove her rectal obstructing cranium and relieves some of the pressure causing all this pain and anguish she will see things in a different light. Although they say nothing hurts like the truth so maybe not. ?

    3. Totally agree Mark this person sounds like all the other hate spewing snowflakes who can’t get their own way. My wife and I raised a child with major learning difficulties. We would have loved somewhere we could have got more help from the education system and the mainstream just was not equipped to handle these young people.

    4. Oh yea cause Pauline doesn’t spew hatred or vile shit in the public eye. Go and uppercut yourself mark, the thing is scum. Australia knows it the whole world knows it. It’s because of her relatives and loved ones who’ve given her support she’s gotten as far as she has. ANYBODY with support can do the same this doesn’t make her right or special. FFS SHE SERVED TIME IN JAIL. How many of you out there are willing to give a jailbird a second chance? Obviously too many of you when it come down to political gain hey!

      1. Mate you are an outright tool making rash statements based on typical head-up-your-arse, emotional statements just like the original poster that I criticised. Your whining carries no weight, just more crap from an idiot with fuck-all life experience.
        Fuck you too even though it’s not Friday.

    5. The only thing vile about this article is the mention of Pauline Hanson. Truer words were never spoken and the day she looses entitlements and power will never come quick enough.

    6. What a load of cods wallop. She doesn’t have the intelligence to grasp the English vocabulary for starters.. The quiver in her voice makes me spew.. She has done nothing constructive for this country. Politics for her is a means of survival. Money she spends on clothes would be better spent on those starving in Africa. Then again, she has such a dark soul, she’ll be lost in a black forest.

  2. And fuck you very much too, Mark! Any time you feel like articulating any actual fucking good Pauline is doing by spewing such vile and horrible sentiments towards children (C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!) be my guest.

    1. Yes that’s right, you rant against someone who disagrees with your mainstream media brainwashed attitudes, stupid sheep. Why don’t you do a better job than her then? Too pissweak that’s why.
      To summarise, up yours you brainless twat!

    2. John Howard and the Liberals took many policies that Pauline wrote, and implemented them
      In 2004, Andrew Bolt wrote an article for the Herald Sun titled “Hanson ahead of her time?” This article was one of the first that was written about Pauline’s contribution, during her time in Parliament. Even as an everyday citizen, Pauline has been able to put pressure on the Australian government and opposition, to do what is in the best interest for Australians and Australia. This is why they have done everything to keep her out of Parliament.
      Of course it is far easier to sit back and take brainless,emotion-based potshots at her and ON supporters though isn’t it? So screw you and the left wing horse you rode in on Lucrece!

    3. Supporting the ‘Gonski 2.0’ funding/reform package and voting to get it passed through parliament will ensure that schools Australia wide receive some much needed funding in a timely manner. Compared to the Labor inspired ‘block it at all costs’ approach, with a highly probable outcome of no reform/funding increase in the foreseeable future, I would suggest that is an actual good thing.

      It is certainly more good than your scathing, blatant lies defaming a person willing to step up and make a stand for what she (and many many others) believe in.

      Now if you would be so kind as to articulate any evidence supporting your claim of “such vile and horrible sentiments towards children (C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!)”, I will be more than happy to provide you with the specialist support you require to understand/comprehend the plain simple English used by Ms Hanson.

    1. Yes that’s right, you rant against someone who disagrees with your mainstream media brainwashed attitudes, stupid sheep. Why don’t you do a better job than her then? Too pissweak that’s why.
      To summarise, up yours you fucking useless skank!

  3. Why have we got different political parties ,why have we got black and white why have we got summer ,winter and so on and English, Dutch, German ,PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT FEELINGS AND IDEAS, your rants will be taken up by someone who disagrees with you ,in other words what you say and believe are your views only and they mean nothing to some one whose feelings are completely opposite ,so Pauline Hanson believes what she believes and you believe what you believe don’t try shoving your views onto other people they will make up their own mind thanks very much ,Like most political articles their are two sides, one for and one against that’s the way it goes live with it, Their will come the time that you can bet someone will take you to task for your views on a subject and they have every right too

  4. If all you leftist people cleaned the shit from your eyes and see what is happening in this country you would have a different opinion of Pauline Hanson …. Look at what happened in Germany , France , London and also here in Australia …….. Not ALL Muslims are terrorists ,,,,, BUT ALL terrorists ARE Muslim . So what does that tell you …… We should STOP ALL people from those countries that support ISLAM …… Also we should DEPORT all of the families of any terrorists who have caused trouble here …. FUCK YOU FarKew I have added my email address so feel free to spill your guts (if you have any ) to me …. FUCK YOU

    1. @ ALAN PATON

      Not ALL Muslims are terrorists ,,,,, BUT ALL terrorists ARE Muslim

      FIRSTLY your email address is NOT published with your comments. If you want privacy to be breached, you’ll have to write it into your comment yourself.

      SECONDLY, Darren Osbourne. Not a Muslim. DEFINITELY a terrorist.

    2. Alan Paton – not all terrorists are Muslim. The perpetrator of the Finsbury Park Mosque attack was a white man, Darren Osborne.
      Just so we’re clear, I don’t care about your opinions. I am, however, passionate about facts. So please stop making assertions that are untrue – i.e. lying.

        1. Ummm Rebecca…sorry to interrupt you fact passion moment but Islam is a faith not a race so any person of any colour of any race can be a Muslim and seduced by its murderous ideology. Also, an “assertion” could only be considered a lie if it were know to be untrue by the person making it.

        2. One in a thousand? Tim McVeigh, the Unabomber, Dylan Roof, the half hundred bombers of Planned Parenthood buildings, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the IRA. That’s just off the top of my head, but every one of those folks are Christians. The only commonality I see between every terrorist I can think of is that they’re all social conservatives. Maybe we should ban them?

      1. You idiot. The vast majority of terrorist incidents are committed by muslims. Don’t bother dredging up the few isolated cases either. Its plain to any
        sensible person that this vile cult is fast becoming the scourge of civilisation.

      2. Rebecca – Not all terrorists are Muslim, and to be honest I can’t believe people still fall for such a fallacy just because someone turns it into a catchy phrase. However using an unorganized, knee-jerk reaction from a person lacking the mental capacity to control his emotional state for whatever reason, as your flagship non Islamic state ‘Terrorist’ is a little thin on factual evidence. There are plenty of non Islamic, factually backed terrorism events to choose from that will support your passion.

        Alan – Good luck on your journey my friend. Whilst I believe your heart is in the right place, your strategy could do with some polish. Surely no sane person could still believe that ALL terrorists are Islamic. The author of this page did have it coming I guess so F it.

    3. Alan Paton, you just echo statements from American sites that are simply inaccurate, some of them completely wrong. That shit about “Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim” is just woeful crap. Have you not heard of Bader Meinhoff? (Germany)
      Continuity Irish Republican Army?(Ireland)
      Donetsk People’s Republic(Russia)
      ETA Separatist Group(Spain)
      Shit, I’ve only got up to the ‘E’s. I could go on picking out all the terrorist groups through to Z but I think the point is made – the person who made up that statement that you parrot off without thinking too much, doesn’t have a whole lot of any substance between his ears, mate.

    4. don’t you people ever get sick of these lies?

      biggest terrorist attack in the US before 9/11 – Timothy McVeigh

      most people killed – anti-government / far right militias

      Number of terrorist groups that aren’t islamic – hundreds.

      80% of terrorists aren’t Muslims, you bell-end.

      Also, FOR FUCKS SAKE, LEARN HOW TO USE AN ELLIPSIS, YOU STUPID TWAT. It’s 3 periods – … and is typically used for an unfinished thought or something unspoken, not to break sentences into this mess.

      1. Finsbury mosque was the ONLY ONE that wasn’t a muslim terrorist attack. He didn’t even kill the guy he’d had a heart attack, yes maybe brought on by the shock. That’s 1 death compared to lets start with 9/11, nearly 3,000 DEAD by muslims and that’s just the start. All (bar 1 lone alcoholic drunk) terrorist attacks around the WORLD are muslim terrorist attacks. Get your facts straight.

      2. Yes it was THEN, from 1980 to 2005, since then the last 12 years worldwide it has been muslim terrorists. I know as an Australian Federal Police agent in Criminal Intelligence that liase worldwide with all law agencies. If only you and other citizens were privy to the factual intelligence, statistics, data etc you would all be highly concerned. Unfortunately Pauline, Trump, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary are correct. Sweden has acknowledged they now need urgent assistance due to their acceptance of so many ILLEGAL immigrants as the country has become a war zone within by them and majority don’t accept any countries laws only sharia law. Many other EU and western countries are not that far behind if they can’t get control soon. Multiculturalism can be an asset but only when the immigrants/refugees adapt that countries laws and assimilate and integrate and also when such massive numbers of them don’t all become a burden on the economy via welfare, housing, medical, education etc as the states, country will not be able to fund hospitals, infrastructure, education, policing, military, welfare etc.

      3. Yes it was THEN, from 1980 to 2005, since then the last 12 years worldwide it has been muslim terrorists. I know as an Australian Federal Police agent in Criminal Intelligence that liase worldwide with all law agencies. If only you and other citizens were privy to the factual intelligence, statistics, data etc you would all be highly concerned. Unfortunately Pauline, Trump, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary are correct. Sweden has acknowledged they now need urgent assistance due to their acceptance of so many ILLEGAL immigrants as the country has become a war zone within by them and majority don’t accept any countries laws only sharia law. Many other EU and western countries are not that far behind if they can’t get control soon. Multiculturalism can be an asset but only when the immigrants/refugees adapt that countries laws and assimilate and integrate and also when such massive numbers of them don’t all become a burden on the economy via welfare, housing, medical, education etc as the states, country will not be able to fund hospitals, infrastructure, education, policing, military, welfare etc.

      1. sorry i missed the attacks the IRA have made of late, perhaps you could enlighten us with your wisdom and grasp on current reality.

        you muppet drag your head out of your arse ………………….. no wait don’t, you appear far smarter with it shoved up your arse

  5. I think she crossed the line with her comments about removing autistic kids from mainstream schooling n definitely shouldn’t be say don’t vacinate. I was a supporter over the out of control refugee situation and support banning burqas n halal etc but left her support group this week because she’s too stubborn n pig headed to say sorry and admit she was wrong. She’s going to lose alot of supporters over this but the way your talking with f you every couple of lines your not much better. She’s lost my support though she was out of line

    1. Kimberly, our refugee intake is tiny. like, we drag behind most of the developed world, and half of the underdeveloped world! there is not, nor was there ever, ‘an out of control’ problem.

  6. Your never going to be happy, if we taught autism in main stream class rooms then you would be pissed that they weren’t getting taught offiiciently, and there wasn’t any focus on there disability. What are we teaching or kids, whether you voted for this man or not as a whole we should support him, but you and yours are out routing, threatening, and causing nothing but chaos. Have Madonna, , Johnny Depp publicly stating of doing our president harm, personally show your caliber of intelligence, there singing or starring on the big screen they truly have nothing I’m interested in hearing they get paid to intertain otherwise zip it. As for you shut your pie hole , you forget here and only here in the great U.S.A. Could you be so bold to speak garbage about our president, had you been in another country you quite possibly would lose your head, I’m thinking that might be a good look for you, FUCK you truck.

    1. We are NOT in the USA, we’re in Australia. Pauline Hanson is an AUSTRALIAN politician. The website address ends in .au for goodness’ sake! It’s not even really worthwhile addressing the rest of your bizarre and barely comprehensible rant, although I would note that the freedom of speech enshrined in your bill of rights allows anyone to say whatever they like about your government without fear of being imprisoned or otherwise sanctioned by the state.

  7. It’s ‘arsehole’. This is Australia. And you missed out mentioning Aboriginals who, according to her, get “special treatment”. But I do echo your sentiment, Fuck You Pauline Hanson.

    1. They do get exceptional treatment. Heavily subsidised/free uni education, guaranteed free positions at private schools.
      Heavily subsidised home loans, prodigious recognition to the point of ridiculous, massive royalties paid for access to Australian land that they have scammed as traditionally owned. The massive list goes on, wake up champ and fuck you too!

  8. Fuck me! That is a rant. Having been educated in the 60’s and 70’s, I can attest to the fact that disruptive kids to affect the quality of education of others in the class. Whether that be autism, ADD or just plain bad behaviour does not really matter. Anyway, nothing is going to fix this in the short term until we get some decent leadership in politics. Current crop of time serving public leeches are the most woeful bunch of useless cunts that I have every seen in one place. So Fuck Them!

  9. Autism . I note that noone has referred to the film Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise acted in where Hoffman played the part of an autistic person who was mathematically brilliant. He showed that you judge people on their merits and performance not on preconceived expectations. In some respects Pauline making her statement has been beneficial as people are forced to examine their own feelings on this issue. Hopefully this examination will prove to them the wrong that Pauline is trying to foist on australian society.

  10. Speaking as a mother with 2 boys, both if which have problems I actually agree with Pauline about removing them from the classroom as their behaviour DOSE disrupt the learning of the other children in their class especially when the teacher has to STOP what she is doing to spend time trying to calm my son down because he’s taken exception to the way one of his classmates looked at him, or he’s run out if the class because he didn’t like something that was said.
    If you actually pull your head out of your arse then you would see her point for making the statement of removing these kids and placing them in a specialised class where they would get the attention they need without disturbing the remaining kids in the main stream classes whom are trying to learn but fall behind because of the disruption to lessons from the behaviour of kids with problems. Wether it be autism, ADHA or any number of disruptive behaviours.
    She’s not saying to take them out of mainstream schooling altogether, just to place them in a class where they will be given the assistance they need above the other kids.
    We’re trying along with our school to secure a placement in a school where they have such a facility to deal with these kids, however it’s extremely difficult because there are limited placements and in the meantime it’s either my youngest son here at home with me, or the teachers training their utmost best to to do both calm him and teach the rest of the class, which when most of the attention is on him, his classmates suffer and fall behind the other classes because their NOT learning.

  11. Far Kew (yes I know)

    You are clearly a pole up the arse Idiot.

    Just read your article regarding Pauline Hanson, and while she might not be any Einstein, she does have some damn good ideas. One of these is the matter of separating out those who are difficult to teach, whether they be mentally challenged, or just damn little rats.

    I recall that when I was in High School they had a Class ,a Grade if you like, for those who had learning disabilities. There was no issues with that scenario. People, being Parents and Students, all understood that there are people in the community of all levels of intellect and capabilities.

    We had, in years 10 through 12, what were called Professional, General, Technical, and Special tiers.
    So for example you might have been in P1 or P2, or G1, or T1 or S
    No big deal, they simply reflected the subjects you preferred and were capable of handling.
    The P classes were Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry, Calculus.
    Likewise T was for Tech Drawing, Woodwork etc.

    Bottom line, there was no Politically Correct BS going on, it was just was it was, Logical.
    And the kids who were in the Special class, well they got the teaching / tutoring that they needed and deserved to help them the best as possible, while the kids who were able to handle more challenging subject were able to do so with the clear and focused attention of the Teachers who had the appropriate skill set to assist those kids the best.

    So, bottom line, despite the media hype up, Pauline is absolutely correct and I suspect Many parents agree whit her, even though she may not have delivered it in the best possible way.

  12. She is a looney tune, how scary that people in our community support her even in my work sector of community services my Superior supports this crap ! Shows how bad our country is becoming!

  13. Look at all the Hanson voters with their ignorant abuse. Typical of the Australian mindset. Australia is the nation where Hitler would have not needed a dictatorship to remain in Government for our voters would have kept voting for him with a happy smile.

    I have Tourettes. If only I received a dollar every time someone reacted to me with swearing, seeking to punch my head in, telling me to stop it because I was annoying them, told that I should be in a padded cell as a crazy person, that people like myself should be killed as we’re a drain on society.

    Australia is a nation where it’s populist to hurt other people. This nation’s flag is nothing but bum paper.

    1. “Earth Waratah” (read knob-end) You’re nothing but a disgusting disgrace with your head firmly up your own arse youmoron.
      Say what you like in your opinion of politicians but leave our flag alone dirtbag!

    2. it’s good that you have tourettes at least it gives you an excuse to behave like a total cunt , Libertarian just another word for a whiney bitch that throws tantrums when they can’t get their own way

      please feel free to fuck off to where you and your mewing patheticness would be welcome …….. i’m guessing Manus Island would be best

    1. Well at least some of us actually contribute valid points and argument.
      Unlike some that spout useless crap and call others keyboard heroes eh champ?

  14. If you have no debt and $4,000 US in the your back pocket your in the richest half of the world, if you have $16,000 and no debt the top 10% and if you have about $600,000 and no debt your in the top 1%, but if you are one of about 6000 people that sit on the boards of international companies than you control half the wealth of the world, while the poorest half live on less than $2 a day and of this a growing number on 20 cents a day at which point each day is a a matter of life and death. The political system is a left right paradigm, it really does not matter which political party gets in the system is rigged and always has been.

    As for the M&Ms, the moral moron socialists they think socialism is good idea. Pauline love or hate her, at the very least she speaks the truth as she believers it from her perspective and from the perspective of many that support her.

  15. I am very sorry EARTH WARATAH that you seem to have met some very nasty people,but don’t judge all of Australia by the nasty few.You show little respect for anything and your referance to Hitler shows how little you know and to refer to our flag as a “bumrag is distasteful to say the least.You like most of the people commenting here have totally misunderstood what Pauline actually said “she would like to see these kids get the specialised teaching they need and that with thirty or so kids in each class the teachers don’t have the time to spend with them”.People expect teachers to do everything and with the best will in the world it is not possible,they are just human.Parents have a hard time dealing with these kids and they are their own kids throw in another thirty kids and see how they go.Far kew has obviously not realised that people who have to resort to this foul talk is because they don’t have the vocabulary to voice their opinion in a civilised manner.

  16. listen, I hate Pauline, i really do… but this is the first logical thing she’s ever said. she worded it atrociously but kids with disabilities should be given special treatment and have special classrooms with teachers that are experienced in teaching kids with different disabilities. Schools already privately do this, not all but a few (mine did) and it had great results. My best friend is Autistic (been friends since we were 12/13 and we’re 20 now) and was in one of those classes in high-school and i was in a “normal” class, and we still got along fine and she was never treated any differently by other students because she was in that class… I’ll have to get her to comment here! pauline IS a bit of a twat and she probably did say it out of hate but i think it can be turned into a positive or made to be a really good thing.

  17. Eleanor ,I am sad you feel the need to hate Pauline I don’t think she deserves that and I don’t believe she hates anyone.However inept she can be at voicing her thoughts she has the welfare of Australia at heart.This feeling of hate is the reason that we cannot have a real and measured debate in this country ,because as soon as you mention anything a bit contentious all the hate mongers come out and immediately start name calling.It stops intelligent debate dead in its tracks.I am very sad to realise that Australia is becoming a country run by bullies such as the feminazis,the lgbti,the unions,the gay marriage,safe schools ,if you dare to mention Islam you are instantly branded an Islamaphobe.You cannot conduct an intelligent discussion about any of the things that are worrying ordinary Australians.

  18. Here’s a little ode I composed about Pauline and every other ableist out there:
    You’re a bigot, you’re a bigot
    You’re a neurotypical bigot
    You discriminate with your words of hate
    You’re a bigot through-and-through!

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