Fuck You Optus. My 1 Hour Long Fight With Cuntstomer Service.

Today I received my monthly bill for the incredibly crap NBN service from Optus. To my disgust, I found on it a charge for non-direct debit. News to me, I’d never noticed that one before because the cunning bastards just …

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  1. Sandra says:

    Same company,me 71 year old female. Connection problems enquiry 20.30 hours on a Sunday NIGHT.
    OPTUS’ answer
    ” There is good Wi Fi signal in Ashfield Park ( 1.5 klm away) if you go there,you will get reception”
    Me STUNNED hang up

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for sharing – I am ASTOUNDED at the extraordinarily bad Optus website. Want to feel stressed and very, very angry? Try and logon to the Optus website to check your account and lose a good two hours of your life, at least…. Did a baby, mischief-making chimp at Taronga Zoo design the Optus website? At every click, the user feels like Optus are saying – ‘ha, got you! – not there, try somewhere else Bozo – we can do anything to you now you’ve signed that Optus contract…. and clicking somewhere else won’t work either, so ha ha’. Functionality is non-existent on the Optus website, even the ‘Did this help? yes/no’ pop-up survey boxes don’t work. Getting a clear picture of services and billing is IMPOSSIBLE. How can a massive company like Optus not fix this? Who’s in charge? Optus FAR KEW!

    1. Far Kew says:

      It’s exactly why I can’t turn off paper billing. It sucks!

  3. FAR KEW OPTUS says:


    Switched over $300 / mth worth of mobile and internet to optus 3 months ago and have experienced nothing but high blood pressure and using 10 fucks per minute:
    – “Premium” modem doesnt work… sent 2, both cause dropouts
    – Fucked up the bill
    – Fucked up consolidating the bill
    – Had to buy my own modem — after 5 hours got Optus to refund me half the credit
    – Credit didn’t get applied
    – Direct debit didn’t get applied
    – Account is “overdue” because above
    – No internet, no phone reception, couldn’t even call optus on my mobile

    This happened today, on my fuckin day off… so i had to crawl back to work to use the fuckin landline to call optus…. it’s been 2 fuckin hours! They admitted they should’ve applied the credit and i should never have been suspended… still waiting on line to get a resolution

    FUCK YOU OPTUS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Far Kew says:

      This response is majestic. I’m so sorry you experienced it!

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