Fuck You, Nits.

Well, haven’t we been given the best school introduction ever? Starting with last weeks broken arm (fuck you monkey bars) and ending with NITS. That’s right, we have fucking head lice.

The first clue came on Sunday night when my …

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  1. Assunta says:

    Ha Ha, it’s the absolute worst! I agree on the ‘strong’ shit, but i find to make it easier to comb the fuckers out, I add peppermint, tea tree and lavender oil to conditioner, then slather it all over my kids’ heads, and comb out bit by bit. If there’s lice, it stuns them and so much easier to grab them. Blergh!

  2. Jazz says:

    I’ve had one out of 4 kids (so far) who just attracted the little buggers from miles around.

    Crossing fingers the little one (who just started kindy and picked up a head cold) doesnt have the same nit attracting abilities.

    Easy with boys..crew cuts all round…

  3. Emilia says:

    My daughter has had them once (let’s all touch wood).worst experience ever. Think it’s safe to say I have a new phobia! Every time she touches her head I am all over her inspecting her head. Thankfully since using ‘Nit Free For Me’ spray, she has never had them again. Not sure if it is the spray that actually works or if we have just been lucky. Not brave enough to try no spray! That was 3 Years ago though…

  4. Susan says:

    My daughter had them for what seems like 10 weeks and nothing worked until i combined treatment with apple cider vinegar and started washing her hair with anti-dandruff shampoo. No need to wash sheets though.. current thinking is they can’t survive off you and don’t go onto sheets anyway.

  5. Joh n Moody says:

    Flea and tick shampoo for dogs works a treat on nits – same active ingredient at a fraction of the price … also gets rid of fleas and ticks ….

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