FUCK YOU Himalayan Black Salt


Having not grown up in the Himalayan mountains, I am unfamiliar with salt mines.I grew up with the big white container of iodised cheap ass salt that everyone used to have. But I just KNOW Himalayan pink rock salt is …

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  1. I never knew this existed. Thanks for the warning. I don’t want to eat fart,, let alone pay $10 for the pleasure. And what’s with Ethel? As for the Sushi Train lady she must be related to the woman we saw at Woolworths the other day who opened two roast chickens, put her head in the packets, inhaled deeply, closed them back up and put them back on the shelf. Never buying self-serve roast chicken again.

  2. OMFG sniffing a roast chicken – that is super gross. What is wrong with people?? And Ethel, just get out my freaking way. Same with people who walk slowly in peak. It’s peak hour, people. Pick up the pace!

  3. Valerie says:

    It’s km/h or kph. What you wrote was km per per hour. It’s like saying “ATM machine” or “espresso coffee”.


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