Far Kew, Haters.

The steamed vagina set were up in arms this weekend! They were none too impressed to be called out on the cobwebs and general unrest in the region of their fan-wah’s. My inbox has been pinging with the sounds of the disgruntled few that just don’t get the mission of Fuck You Friday.

To be fair, it’s not their fault. Far Kew isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I get it, I expect it.

But there a few things I cannot wrap my bountiful brains around.

  1. That someone could click on a blog called Fuck You Friday and be offended at the swearing. Fuck a duck. Really?
  2. Some people cannot distinguish between satire and real life. I’m clearly more talented than I thought.
  3.  People think Far Kew is real and is a straight up asshole with a vendetta. Far Kew is an alter ego. I am rude, bitchy, egocentric, hypocritical and judgemental. There is a little piece of Far Kew in all of us and you’d be lying if you said otherwise.

So, let’s set the record straight here for the haters.

YOU have a choice to read this or not. If you don’t like the swearing, look away.

YOU have a problem. Not me. I’m just writing things I find funny and sharing it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then look away! And perhaps look in a mirror to discover why it made you so angry.

YOU are attacking one individual with a keyboard. An actual person writing as a made up person. For humorously bashing a fictitious stereotype of a steamed vagina. See how ridiculous this sounds?  Only you know the reason you did that. Look away!

If you find yourself unable to stop writing your mean message that you’ve proof read a thousand times to see if it stands up to the potential smack down of Far Kew, think again. Or don’t think again. The choice is yours.

Just own the truth of why you’re doing it. And the possibility that you are a dick.

Love, Far Kew xx



  1. “And perhaps look in a mirror to discover why it made you so angry.”
    Perhaps they need to look in a mirror AT THEIR VAG AREA to see why they are angry!

  2. What? Really? You must have struck a nerve in some uptight peeps (gosh it’s funny to speculate just what that nerve is)! I find that absolutely bizarre! I must go back and read the comments!
    I love this blog and I love the idea of embracing my inner Far Kew. Brilliant.

  3. Far Kew , you truly are my alter ego however I think I swear more than you! Haters gunna hate, true dat. Why don’t they just click X or back or whatever to get the fuck out of your blog? One will never know. Shake my head, and shake it off as Tay Tay says! Lol

  4. Can’t stop laughing! I think this often and you have written it so perfectly. Don’t like something? Oh, hey, guess what assholes? You don’t have to look at it then. And guess what else? You can choose instead to look at something you DO like. Who knows? Maybe even look at something that makes you happy, happier even then the term “steamed vagina” makes me 🙂

  5. Cracking up! I think this all of the time and you have written it perfectly. Oh, you don’t like something? Well then, guess what assholes? You don’t have to look at it. And guess what else? You can actually choose to look at something you do like. Something that might actually make you happy even, happier than the term “steamed vagina” makes me.

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