Fuck You, Bachelor in Paradise.

This long-awaited reality TV debut has turned into a bit of a snore fest, hasn’t it? I mean, without Keira I would have turned off a couple of weeks ago. After the masterpiece that was Married at First Sight, I

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  1. Cilla says:

    I have been through some scary shit in my personal life so I have lived for the banality that is Bachie in Paradise. Your assessments are spot on. Have you seen the before and afters of Ali – she looks very different after the lip, cheek and boob implants. I love Keira. I loved how few fucks Laurina had to give. Leah is a bit of a mole, and Simone and Elora have mole tendencies also. Sammy needs to do his hairs but he treats Tara like a goddess and I rate that.

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