Fuck You, Australian Politics. A GIF Odyssey.

This week has been an utter joke for Australian politics and the entire country. Not since the cheezel coloured fuck-knuckle won the US Presidential election has there been a more embarrassing show of inadequacy.

Here’s every question and emotion us regular Australians have felt over the past couple of days.

The “OMFG, Not This Shit Again” emotion.

(Insert eye roll here)

The “Fuck, I Hope My Address Is Updated With The AEC” emotion.

Oh, of course, it is. Because the last election was FIVE FUCKING MINUTES AGO!

Rachel knew she’d moved five times in a year, but would simply avoid the fine by saying she had been camping in the outback for 6 months.

The “FARKING YASSS!! Peter Dutton Is Not Prime Minister!” emotion.

Michael minced his way through the celebrations.

Followed by the “Fuck My Life, Who Is This Blow In?” emotion.

The ” Julie Bishop Would Have Been Acceptable, Why Didn’t You Pick Her?” emotion.

I can’t believe I blow dried my hair for this.

Followed by the “I Bet Julia Gillard is Pissing Herself Right Now” emotion.

Julia had perfected the “head over the fence” laughing stance.

Yep. It’s been a real mixed bag this week. Suddenly, itchy twitter fingers and my-button-is-bigger-than-your-button headlines seem to pale into insignificance compared to Canberra’s dick-swinging-tool fest.

What’s coming next? Who the fuck knows. But I’m guessing the New Zealand property market is about to get a bit of a boost.


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