Fuck You, Asparagus Wee.


I consider myself an all or nothing individual. There is absolutely nothing I like to do by halves. For example, I cannot eat one chocolate, one biscuit or one piece of cheese. Nor can I drink one beer. I must …

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  1. I have never been more glad that I can’t stand asparagus!

    1. Far Kew says:

      It’s pretty gross hey??

  2. eponetara says:

    Gross indeed! Thankfully I appear to be one of those who has missed out on the joy of rotten-cabbage smelling asparagus pee!

    1. Far Kew says:

      You don’t get the stinky wee? So you are not an “excretor”. Lucky you!

  3. OMFG Fuck you Friday, I. LOVE. YOU, you are hilarious and I LOVE reading this blog, haters gonna hate, and Lovers gonna LURVE (LOOOVVEE), I had asparagus tonight so my piss will stink and I love the purple bands, I save them to wrap the shit that my kids spew out or just any fucking shit, full stop. I have a roll as executor… I have a 15 year old daughter, enough fucking said, Im tearing my hair, eyes, heart out as we communicate via weird computer crap, shit that i don’t understand and that I need my 12 and 15 year old to teach me but then curse myself cause I get the ” oh my gosh are you that stupid that you don’t understand …………” from both said bitch girls who have been brought up with computers. OK so now im trying to be funny and get reaction but its all too much. Thank you for your thoughts and insight, it really makes me laugh . Cheers

    1. Far Kew says:

      Thanks for the LUURRVE!

  4. Far Kew says:

    Do it. Be amazed and grossed out at the same time.

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