C U Next Tuesday. The C*ntasaurus.

If you have been keeping up with this blog,  you will know that I recently registered the domain www.cuntasaurus.com after I called out the haters in a recent post about trolls.

I was kinda amazed it was still available, but I snapped that shit up faster than you can get flicked in the eyeball by a purple asparagus rubber band. Pretty fucking fast.

What are my plans? Well. I know there are people out there that have used cuntasaurus as an insult. But I believe I am the first to liken it to a Thesaurus. Even if I am not, I’m claiming it. So there.

You see, I am actually a pretty polite person in real life. Far Kew is my evil sidekick who can say and do whatever the fuck she feels like.

But she won’t say c*nt. And neither will I.

Occasionally I will roll it out for shock value, but to me it’s just a word too far. It doesn’t suit me and it doesn’t suit Far Kew.

In comes my idea. The Cuntasaurus. An insult bible for those who can’t or won’t say “The C Word”. When asshole just won’t cut it, consult the cuntasaurus for the perfect smack down.

I need your help. Let’s do this together!

I invite you all to send me your best insults for potential inclusion into this handy pocket guide. There are no rules apart from you having to have “liked” the Fuck You Friday FB page.

So PM me your best withering insults that will send even the biggest douche bag running for the hills.

Just don’t say C*NT.


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  1. My bf likes to combine swear words with regular words to make amazing and slightly confusing insults such as ‘cunt nugget’

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