5 Reasons Why I Think Kim Kardashian is Dangerous

Ah, Kim Kardashian. Famous for being famous. Love her or hate her, the world has never seen a celebrity this huge and I am not just referring to her generous man-made posterior.

I have some major beef with the internets biggest star (over 79,000,000 google results, and that’s just the articles). Would I give two shits about KK if I didn’t have a daughter? Maybe not. But I do.

So what is my beef?


So many selfies…..enough to make a book and break the internet. And now Snapchat videos which are, quite frankly, porn if you ask me.  Here is what she served up today that prompted me to write this post.



3 words. Put. It. Away. Don’t you have a husband and two kids? I know The Husband would KILL me if I were shaking my arse on Snapchat for the entire world to see. In the past 24 hours Kim has posted 19 snapchats and most of them are of her pouting into the camera covered in oil.

I don’t know if we would have invented selfie sticks if it were not for Kim. God I really wish we hadn’t invented selfie sticks…….It’s vanity on a pole.

I just cannot fathom why somebody needs to take that many photos of themselves. Kim, If only for the sake of your beautiful kids who WILL get teased at school later on, pull it back a bit.


Kim has almost 50 Million followers on Twitter, 30 Million on Facebook, 80 Million on Instagram and god only knows how many on Snapchat because I don’t know how to work it properly. So just on Twitter alone she has almost double the population of Australia. That’s a FUCK load of people watching her every twerk.

This is where I start getting scared. Scared for my daughter in ten years time thinking her worth comes from followers on social media and how many men she can have drooling over a twerk. Because it is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYWHERE. You literally (one of KK’s favourite words) will find it difficult to go a day without seeing her somewhere. That is not right.


I think people wanting to improve themselves should be allowed to do whatever they like, it’s none of my business. But I do start to worry when really young women, children, start pumping and plumping just to look like their idol. Take for example Kim 2.0 – Kylie Jenner. In what universe should it be ok for a girl of her age to have that much work done? It’s abuse.

Now, I have been a little horrified watching The Bachelor this year as so many of those girls (all under 30) have had significant amounts of work done. Is the age of Kim Kardashian to blame? Photoshop? Food for thought.



Why the normalisation of plastic surgery, the endless selfies and the oiled up rump twerk? Well she wouldn’t be doing all this for free, let’s be frank. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. The millions Kim gets paid to do her show which is pretty much on 24/7, the endorsements, the wedding photos, the games, the products, the kimoji’s, the list goes on and on and on……

It won’t stop unless people stop paying her these exorbitant sums of money. Every beach pap shot that no doubt was carefully orchestrated? Money. Making her more famous, gaining more followers, which means more “reach” for advertisers. And more opportunity for young girls (and guys) to think a fake bum, fake boobs, fake face, liposuction, waist training and narcissism is the new normal. This should never be normal.


I used to think Kim Kardashian was harmless. I mean, how long can one person milk an accidentally on purpose leaked sex tape? A really fucking long time. Almost ten years to be exact.

Once Kim ruins her face and can’t exercise her way back to her pre baby body and decides it’s time to pack away the selfie stick, what will we be left with? The damage has already been done. She has more followers than some religions and that can’t be good. But its not too late.

Look at Angelina Jolie. She used to be more famous for pashing her brother, tattoos and writhing around in her husbands blood on a bed full of knives. Now? She’s using her huge celebrity powers as a UN Ambassador, making adoption seem like a logical choice and helping millions of women throughout the world feel better about their bodies after devastating cancer battles.

Nicole Richie used to be a heroin addict and was best known for being the daughter of a celebrity and hanging out with Paris Hilton. Now? Normal mum doing normal things, mostly under the radar. But doing HUGE things for charity, most of that without fanfare. Plus a massively successful fashion line. Kudos, girl.

So. Will Kim Kardashian become the next lifeline to the needy? Because when you’ve already made more money than you can spend in a lifetime, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the mark you will make for your kids to be proud of.



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